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scowl at (someone or something)

To contort one's face into an expression of anger, disdain, or disapproval at and because of someone or something. I always make a point of waving to my neighbor each morning, but all he ever does is scowl at me from his porch. The boss scowled at the financial reports for the most recent fiscal quarter.
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scowl at someone or something

to make a frown of disapproval or displeasure at someone or something. Why are you scowling at me? I didn't do anything wrong! Mary scowled at her noisy cat.
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"I don't agree that every time Mario comes off the pitch he has this scowl on him and things like that - I don't think that's the case."
You guys are great!" I tried to cover myself, "I just mean so I can be out shooting them on the rails in the morning until it's time for us to go to a park." More scowls. "I, uhmm, err," I sputtered.
With those famous silicon implants cunningly draped in bullets, Pammy pouts, scowls and teases rather menacingly in her big-screen debut as a futuristic comic-strip heroine.
A ghostly audience Remains, captive to words That Medea chanted, or Creon-- Latin or Greek reverberant In personae with tragic scowls, A stance hoisted by buskins To the plane of pure idea ...
Sullen smoke scowls low over Hopes' blood, fighting back to the Heart of our rage ...
Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman scowls and growls through the mean streets of New York as Pete - for all the world a heavily tattooed thena poster wrought to rippling life - and a 'soldier' in the Polish drugs cartel that is importing huge quantities of heroin into the US.
CASE MATES: Stacey giggles as Jeff takes luggage NOSE POSE: Stacey scowls as Jeff takes a pic of jokey cards SHAWL OR NOTHING Stacey has a struggle to stay covered as she leaves with Jeff
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Coleen McLoughlin shines and Wayne Rooney scowls
The glowering expressions and scowls on the faces of the normally immaculate catwalk queens show what they think of it - but it's good news for the rest of us.
Closed eyes can be opened, scowls can turn to smiles and unsightly bulges can be trimmed.
FROWNING GLORY Teri scowls in pics after shower LAUGHTER LINES She makes point SCRUBBED-UP awards
EASY RIDER: But a coy glance,too, from her trike; PENSIVE: She's lost in a Barbara Cartland novel; HIGH BORN: Lording it over brother on tree stump; IN THE SWIM: Diana's bedraggled but beaming; DRESSING UP: Future princess and earl ham it up; ROCKADI BABY: A swinging time in the garden; LET'S BE MEAN: Mock scowls for dad's camera; BOLD: Di on path to legend
In a moody photographic shoot for America's Talk magazine, the Titanic star scowls from behind a stubbly blond beard.
Instead they wore top-of-the-range scowls in the exclusive South of France resort.
Allan greeted everyone he met with a scowl, trudged around camp frowning and sulking, and insulted the other campers on a regular basis.