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scowl at (someone or something)

To contort one's face into an expression of anger, disdain, or disapproval at and because of someone or something. I always make a point of waving to my neighbor each morning, but all he ever does is scowl at me from his porch. The boss scowled at the financial reports for the most recent fiscal quarter.
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scowl at someone or something

to make a frown of disapproval or displeasure at someone or something. Why are you scowling at me? I didn't do anything wrong! Mary scowled at her noisy cat.
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Bulldust must impose his authority on younger rivals while keeping an eye on his newly hatched brood including Scowler (voiced by Skyler Stone) and his weakling brother Patchi (Justin Long).
A bird called Alex (John Leguizamo) tells the story of three Pachyrhinosaurus named Patchi, Scowler, and Juniper as they grow into adults, face predators and love triangle relationship issues.
His big brother Scowler (Skyler Stone) teases and bullies him, but he's befriended by Alex (Leguizamo again), a colorful bird who is our narrator.
The Prestatyn scowler denies any impropriety took place, although Labour MP Kate Hoey accused him of having become a "figure of fun" among the man and woman on the street.
He must have been busy for hours stitching up everyone's sides after that little exchange, but then it's straight on to the launderette for the traditional insult-hurling from Pauline Scowler.
Those angry twitchers on gallus scowler Gerry are scarier than all Shieldinch's bad lads put together.
Not to mention endless nights with Pauline Scowler. It's been hell!
So the latest Fowler Scowler, Martin, has left the Walford Under- 14 Teenage Hooligans and ritually burned the gang anorak in EastEnders.
Fowler turned Scowler when he was subbed, but he could hardly complain as the game passed him by.
Soccer-loving Englishman Russell Claydon finished amongst the leading pack - then revealed his admiration for golf's famous scowler.
His jocund yet earnest banter managed to disarm even the toughest scowlers. And though he oversees 33 such facilities that house about 1,300 young offenders around the state, he still managed to call several of the young men by name.
Its length and grim message might conjure images of four forlorn goth Wannabes, or four death metal scowlers. In fact the band is none of the above--they are a quartet of cosmic cowboys.