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scowl at (someone or something)

To contort one's face into an expression of anger, disdain, or disapproval at and because of someone or something. I always make a point of waving to my neighbor each morning, but all he ever does is scowl at me from his porch. The boss scowled at the financial reports for the most recent fiscal quarter.
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scowl at someone or something

to make a frown of disapproval or displeasure at someone or something. Why are you scowling at me? I didn't do anything wrong! Mary scowled at her noisy cat.
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When Bowyer scowled at her, she noticed "a little blob on his face, " she said.
The pounds 600,000-a-year boss scowled at our photographer and gave a one-finger salute.
Pierre sat back down in his seat and scowled. Ashley smiled, feeling that the ball was well and truly in his own court and was now just waiting to be smashed over the net to win him the entire match.
Emotions still raw, Jen scowled and grimaced in Los Angeles yesterday.
Last night, the 39-year-old scowled into the CCTV cameras and made obscene gestures.
But my children hid behind my legs and scowled at them.
In a scene that could have been straight out of one of his cheeky Walker's Crisps ads, Gary grimaced and scowled when he and Harry were treated to a chorus of "You're not singing any more" from George.
While Tony Blair was all smiles casting his vote, his press secretary just scowled and scowled.
The 22-year-old scowled as Gould, still celebrating Celtic's 6-2 trouncing of their rivals, trained at Hampden Park yesterday.
Skipper Dennis Wise scowled: "It is rutted, bumpy, very dry and not good." Defender Frank Leboeuf branded it "a disgrace", saying that he was disappointed with such a tricky surface for a showpiece final.
The moody one turned up with his long-standing (and we do mean long standing) fiance Michelle Rocca, who was one of the judging panel, and scowled throughout the evening.