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scowl at (someone or something)

To contort one's face into an expression of anger, disdain, or disapproval at and because of someone or something. I always make a point of waving to my neighbor each morning, but all he ever does is scowl at me from his porch. The boss scowled at the financial reports for the most recent fiscal quarter.
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scowl at someone or something

to make a frown of disapproval or displeasure at someone or something. Why are you scowling at me? I didn't do anything wrong! Mary scowled at her noisy cat.
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And they also scowl when not angry, such as when they are concentrating or when they have a stomach ache.
He looked up at me with his scowl and hit the nail right on the head: "What's that supposed to mean?" I muttered a few things about being nice to the other kids and about four seconds later he started tuning me out.
Anyway, I have added one-eyed cars to the growing list of misdemeanours I scowl at.
Posing for paps, you could hardly see Liam's obligatory scowl under a hair-don't - which looked like a bobbed wig he had borrowed from a maiden aunt.
CASE MATES: Stacey giggles as Jeff takes luggage NOSE POSE: Stacey scowls as Jeff takes a pic of jokey cards SHAWL OR NOTHING Stacey has a struggle to stay covered as she leaves with Jeff
SCOWL: Parish council chairman Roger Fawcett (left) with community beat officer Mike Everall, and Cllr Dave Shilton and one of the signs.
I shall miss her smile, her growl and scowl, her speaking Spanish to me and her obvious pride when we, as students and later as artists, took her teachings to others.
But the youngest son spontaneously turns to scowl playfully at his father, and his father returns the compliment.
NO VAMPIRES J But Kristen's still practising her scowl
There's a lion playing at Anfield You can hear him roar His name is Jamie Carragher When he's laying down the law He roams the 18 yard box Like a lion on the prowl If you don't do what he tells you, You will see him scowl A man for all positions He plays the game with pride He knows as a defender There is no place to hide A proud man in a red shirt He'll fight for all he's worth Liverpool's his birthplace Not far from the Anfield turf No braver man you will find With passion from the start One of the finest defenders He is a real Braveheart.
Washington, Jan 10 (ANI): American actress Angelina Jolie was caught with a big scowl on her face after Anne Hathaway was awarded Best Actress on January 8 at the VH1 Critics Choice Awards.
Should I have it out with him or just let him scowl and clock-watch?
If she was being sensibly advised, she might have entered into the spirit of her service with some enthusiasm and even given the press pack a soundbite or two along the lines of "I'm so sorry and I'll have to make amends", but instead she's chosen to sulk and scowl. While cleaning up litter is not a job that requires a brain the size of a planet, is it a job that needs to be done.
When she died tragically 10 days later I wrote "she earned her father a thousand friends for her brief life allowed us to see the man behind the scowl".
This intermissionless one-hundred-and-five-minute work for twelve dancers and using an eclectic score ranging from pop to Mahler is called Danzon, which is Cuban-Spanish for "Dance." This is ironic because there is hardly any dance in the whole piece, although the Bausch regulars--such as Jan Minarek, crawling through the evening clad in nothing but a giant-size baby diaper and a scowl, and Dominique Mercy waggling giant rabbit's ears and, in the finale, blank faced, methodically dropping dirt on the stage--are as clever as ever.