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scowl at (someone or something)

To contort one's face into an expression of anger, disdain, or disapproval at and because of someone or something. I always make a point of waving to my neighbor each morning, but all he ever does is scowl at me from his porch. The boss scowled at the financial reports for the most recent fiscal quarter.
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scowl at someone or something

to make a frown of disapproval or displeasure at someone or something. Why are you scowling at me? I didn't do anything wrong! Mary scowled at her noisy cat.
See also: scowl
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He looked up at me with his scowl and hit the nail right on the head: "What's that supposed to mean?
I scowl at motorists on their mobile phones, and taxi drivers who perform U-turns in the middle of the Moseley Road.
She then posed with a pretend scowl as Jeff, 30, took a photo of them with their car pick-up signs Mr Brazier and Mrs Beak - a jokey reference to Stacey's nose.
At the end, they saw Sutton's scowl finally turned into a smile, as senior Danny Cavic hit what proved to be the game-winning 3-p reached a milestone only seven other men have ever reached, you knew it was too.
His furrowed brow and familiar scowl couldn't have contrasted more with his fiancee's photogenic smile.
Should I have it out with him or just let him scowl and clock-watch?
If she was being sensibly advised, she might have entered into the spirit of her service with some enthusiasm and even given the press pack a soundbite or two along the lines of "I'm so sorry and I'll have to make amends", but instead she's chosen to sulk and scowl.
But the youngest son spontaneously turns to scowl playfully at his father, and his father returns the compliment.
The women's hard femininity showed a raw aggression, characterized by the traditional scowl of concentration known as fea bonita, or the beauty of ugliness.
NO VAMPIRES J But Kristen's still practising her scowl
IT was wet and windy - conditions normally guaranteed to produce a scowl from golfer Colin Montgomerie.
Moe, played by Harry Moses Howard, the ``Boss Stooge'' with his scowl and pudding-bowl haircut.
WHEN the glad-handing stopped, reality kicked in for Scotland's Colin Montgomerie and that familiar old scowl was back.
Playing the bitter waitress who, through a lot of neck cracking and facial muscle strength, manages to turn her perpetual scowl into a strained smile in the presence of customers, Ubach creates a character we've all seen, someone who'd rather be anywhere but waiting.
HE'S a bald, sweaty alcoholic with a red face, permanent scowl, and unhealthy relationship with his mother.