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a good scout

An honest, affable, reliable, and trustworthy person. Your dad's a good scout, you know that? He's helped me out of so many jams without even thinking twice.
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scout about (for someone or something)

To search, inspect, or look around an area (for someone or something). I've been scouting about for a suitable plot of land to build our house, but it's been tough finding one! With Jimmy's arm broken, we'll have to scout about for a new pitcher.
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Scout's honour

An oath that one is being ingenuous or honest, or will uphold a promise or duty. Alludes to the oath taken by a member of the Scouting movement to be upstanding, trustworthy, and honest. Primarily heard in UK. I swear that I'll behave myself at your brother's wedding, Scout's honour! A: "Are you really telling me the truth about what happened to my car?" B: "Scout's honour!"
See also: honour

scout around (for someone or something)

To search, inspect, or look around an area (for someone or something). I've been scouting around for a suitable plot of land to build our house, but it's been tough finding one. Scout around the yard to see if you can find my lost ring.
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scout out

To make a preliminary investigation, inspection, or analysis of someone or something in order to determine its or their suitability or potential for future use. A noun or pronoun can be used between "scout" and "out." We need to scout out some locations for the music video this weekend. I go and scout student athletes out who would make good additions to our college team.
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scout around (for someone or something)

to look around for someone or something. I don't know who would do a good job for you, but I'll scout around for a likely candidate. You stay here. I'll scout around.
See also: around, scout

scout someone or something out

to search for and discover someone or something. I will scout a new salesclerk out for you if you want. I'll scout out a new clerk for you.
See also: out, scout

scout someone or something up

to search for and find someone or something. I'll scout up a costume for the Halloween party. Can you scout a date up for Friday night?
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good egg, a

Also, a good scout. An amiable, basically nice person. For example, You can always count on her to help; she's a good egg, or His friends all think Dad's really a good scout. This colloquial antonym of bad egg dates from the early 1900s, as did the variant.
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Scout's honour

used to indicate that you have the honourable standards associated with Scouts, and so will stand by a promise or tell the truth. informal
A Scout is a member of the Scout Association, an organization for boys founded in 1908 by Lord Baden-Powell with the aim of developing their character by training them in self-sufficiency and survival techniques in the outdoors.
See also: honour

scout around

To go from place to place searching: I'll scout around and see if I can find a place to build our campfire. The reporter went to the party to scout around for some gossip.
See also: around, scout

scout out

To go to a place to make a preliminary inspection of someone or something in order to evaluate it for possible use, purchase, or hire, or in order to obtain information ahead of a future encounter: The college coach went to a high school game to scout out a potential recruit. I went ahead of the other hikers and scouted the trail out.
See also: out, scout
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The research team has tested WOM Scouter in a consumer electronics store and in a bookstore and suggest that the system represents a case of semantics used to provide an instant bene?
Xavier School Nuvali simply calls every-one - male or female - scouters.
The oak urn that will be given to the Konecke family is called the Life's Trail and has an engraving of a Scouter hiking up a mountain trail wearing the wide brimmed hat with a staff in hand.
When linked to an Internet connection or cell phone, the Smart Scouter (www.
Why don't you get the scouter and tell him to go to Brazil?
When he retired from scouting at the age of 65, which is the maximum age for a Scout, he was appointed Honorary Scouter, and he stayed as chairman of Hereford Scout Fellowship until three years ago.
By standing 10 yards from a potential stand tree and holding The Stand Scouter in front of you and to the side of the tree, you can determine precise vertical stand placement options in 1' increments up to 44'.
As a young scouter in Milnsbridge, he resurrected the Scout band there, becoming the drum major.
For the serious deer scouter, the small investment to access this data-bank is worth every cent.
An avid scouter during the pre-season, Zach usually spends 20 summer days afield trying to locate a buck he'd like to take.
But once his six children were grown (his two sons both received their Eagle badges), he became a professional Scouter.
Smart Scouter relies on cellular technology to send trail camera photos directly to your personal account at www.
There are even some units like the Smart Scouter and the new Moultrie model that allow you to conveniently view your trail-cam photos from your home computer or cell phone.
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