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a good scout

An honest, affable, reliable, and trustworthy person. Your dad's a good scout, you know that? He's helped me out of so many jams without even thinking twice.
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scout about (for someone or something)

To search, inspect, or look around an area (for someone or something). I've been scouting about for a suitable plot of land to build our house, but it's been tough finding one! With Jimmy's arm broken, we'll have to scout about for a new pitcher.
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Scout's honour

An oath that one is being ingenuous or honest, or will uphold a promise or duty. Alludes to the oath taken by a member of the Scouting movement to be upstanding, trustworthy, and honest. Primarily heard in UK. I swear that I'll behave myself at your brother's wedding, Scout's honour! A: "Are you really telling me the truth about what happened to my car?" B: "Scout's honour!"
See also: honour

scout around (for someone or something)

To search, inspect, or look around an area (for someone or something). I've been scouting around for a suitable plot of land to build our house, but it's been tough finding one. Scout around the yard to see if you can find my lost ring.
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scout out

To make a preliminary investigation, inspection, or analysis of someone or something in order to determine its or their suitability or potential for future use. A noun or pronoun can be used between "scout" and "out." We need to scout out some locations for the music video this weekend. I go and scout student athletes out who would make good additions to our college team.
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scout around (for someone or something)

to look around for someone or something. I don't know who would do a good job for you, but I'll scout around for a likely candidate. You stay here. I'll scout around.
See also: around, scout

scout someone or something out

to search for and discover someone or something. I will scout a new salesclerk out for you if you want. I'll scout out a new clerk for you.
See also: out, scout

scout someone or something up

to search for and find someone or something. I'll scout up a costume for the Halloween party. Can you scout a date up for Friday night?
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good egg, a

Also, a good scout. An amiable, basically nice person. For example, You can always count on her to help; she's a good egg, or His friends all think Dad's really a good scout. This colloquial antonym of bad egg dates from the early 1900s, as did the variant.
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Scout's honour

used to indicate that you have the honourable standards associated with Scouts, and so will stand by a promise or tell the truth. informal
A Scout is a member of the Scout Association, an organization for boys founded in 1908 by Lord Baden-Powell with the aim of developing their character by training them in self-sufficiency and survival techniques in the outdoors.
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scout around

To go from place to place searching: I'll scout around and see if I can find a place to build our campfire. The reporter went to the party to scout around for some gossip.
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scout out

To go to a place to make a preliminary inspection of someone or something in order to evaluate it for possible use, purchase, or hire, or in order to obtain information ahead of a future encounter: The college coach went to a high school game to scout out a potential recruit. I went ahead of the other hikers and scouted the trail out.
See also: out, scout
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