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scour something for someone or something

to look carefully and thoroughly in something for someone or something. I scoured the entire roster of members for a person who would agree to run for president. The police scoured the entire area for any sign of the suspects.
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scour something off (of) something

 and scour something off
to clean something off something else by scouring. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) See if you can scour the rust off the cookie sheet. I will scour off the rust with steel wool.
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scour something out

to clean something out by scouring. Would you scour the pans out? Please scour out the pansdon't just wash them.
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scour something out of something

to clean something out of something by scouring. Did you scour the rust out of the pan? Please scour the burned material out of the bowl.
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This paper deals with interface phenomena of ecologically scoured cotton material.
It was alkali scoured (standard procedure) for 2 h at 100[degrees]C in autoclave (Scholl) by pad roll using 3 % NaOH and 2 g/l Kemonetzer NI.
But when police scoured his computer for clues, they found 182 indecent images and 18 films.
From the underwater photo, we could see that the foundation concrete on water face was scoured and destroyed, and the water face existed defect place, the foundation base was scoured seriously, and existed pore space.
1 shows, set horizontal size of the foundation as b, the size of scoured part is x, the bending moment of foundation base caused by horizontal wind force is M1, According to Fundamental code for design of railway bridge and culvert of P.
An equal amount of the same wool blend was steam heated and also scoured.
During the trials, a large wool blend was identified and scoured after alternating pretreatment with steam or microwave.
Swollen rivers and streams scoured bottomlands and ripped new channels through the adjoining countryside, eroding soil and uprooting trees and other vegetation.
Ironically, most of the sand came from rural levees that were scoured, blown out, or overtopped by floodwaters.
Tracy and his team recently scoured the investment landscape in search of companies with dividends yields above 4%, payout ratios equal to or less than 100%, and a history of boosting dividends by an annualized rate of at least +5%.
However, preliminary results indicate that at many sites--especially those near the dam--the flood apparently scoured sediment from the river channel and redeposited it along the riverbanks, just as scientists had predicted.
The "Shabeen Queen" would brew beer and distill liquors for the thirsty miners using wood scoured from the surrounding bush.
Glaciers formed at high altitudes and scoured mountain valleys.
Last year, some 160,000 volunteers scoured more than 5,000 miles of beach for litter as part of an international program coordinated by the Center for Marine Conservation (CMC) in Washington, D.