scour off

scour something off (of) something

 and scour something off
to clean something off something else by scouring. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) See if you can scour the rust off the cookie sheet. I will scour off the rust with steel wool.
See also: off, scour
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More likely, you'll have to scour off some excess solder with sandpaper or emery cloth before you can slip on a new fitting.
He also discusses that "if the rock dust has caked, it will not scour off to catch up and extinguish the leading flame of the explosion.
Scrape or scour off decaying food, which can attract disease, then scrub with a mild solution of bleach.
The fact you can microwave the soup in the pack means no bowls or saucepans are needed, a definite plus for anyone who has had to scour off soup welded to the bottom of saucepans left on the hob for a nanosecond too long.
If the rock dust is "caked" on the mine surface, the rock dust would not scour off the surface and participate in inerting the explosion.
Three ways to remove rust Pros: Cons: Grind, sand or scour off No pockmarks and a Dirty, dusty, hard the rust smooth finish prior work.
Don't move in and try to scour off stubborn dirt spots.