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scour something for someone or something

to look carefully and thoroughly in something for someone or something. I scoured the entire roster of members for a person who would agree to run for president. The police scoured the entire area for any sign of the suspects.
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scour something off (of) something

 and scour something off
to clean something off something else by scouring. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) See if you can scour the rust off the cookie sheet. I will scour off the rust with steel wool.
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scour something out

to clean something out by scouring. Would you scour the pans out? Please scour out the pansdon't just wash them.
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scour something out of something

to clean something out of something by scouring. Did you scour the rust out of the pan? Please scour the burned material out of the bowl.
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7] studied the temporal evolution of clear-water pier and abutment scour and found that the principal parameter influencing the scour process is the densimetric particle Froude number so suggested an logarithmic formula.
In addition to the standard course curriculum, hosting organizations can select three lessons from a list of eight optional ones: Effects of Debris on Pier Scour, Quantitative Techniques for Channel Stability Analysis, Abutment Scour Problem Session, Complex Pier Scour, FDOT Pier Scour Methodology, Quantitative Techniques for Degradation Analysis, Channel Stability Processes in Gravel-Bed Rivers, and Techniques for Evaluating Pier Scour in Erodible Rock.
Coccidiosis is my main concern in young stock, with some animals a bit of scours and it's over, with others it's an on-going problem.
This is in agreement with Salim & Jones (1996), that conclude that the depth reaches to a scour depth of a single pile for the S/b ratio of approximately nine or greater.
In addition to scour protection measures, the center pier was cleaned, re-chinked and repointed.
The objectives of the refurbishment were to prevent further deterioration of the structure by reducing water penetration, repair existing scour damage, provide additional scour protection to the toe of the weir, replace the weir crest and improve safety for future maintenance works.
He added: "It makes this country look like a third world country when we have to scour the world in order to find teachers.
Bankruptcy Court judge today awarded the assets of Scour, Inc.
We are thrilled that both search users and the Webware community so strongly agree and have recognized Scour as the next generation in search.
The objectives of this research are to 1) Develop a reliable data base of scour in long contractions under both clear-water and live-bed conditions, and 2) Develop live-bed and clear-water contraction scour equations suitable for use in bridge design, not simply a best-fit prediction.
Dellaripa and Bailard (1986) suggested that the maximum scour depth occurs for horizontal buoyant jet.
Scour hazards--the water-induced erosion of the soil surrounding bridge foundations--and flooding are the most common causes of bridge failures in the United States.
For the fifth day in a row, bad weather prevented divers from getting inside the wreckage, but they were able to scour the water around the vessel in a bid to find the three fishermen still missing in Glandore bay.