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out of all scotch and notch

Immeasurable; limitless. "Scotches" and "notches" are boundaries drawn in the game of hopscotch. My love for my husband is truly out of all scotch and notch.
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Scotch mist

A thick mist and drizzling rain, as is common in some parts of Scotland and England. Primarily heard in UK. I hope you brought your umbrella today, because we'll be walking in a Scotch mist.
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schoolboy scotch

slang A combination of codeine and hard liquor, especially Scotch whiskey. Three people from school have already been hospitalized from OD'ing on that schoolboy scotch!
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schoolboy Scotch

n. wine. Give me a pint of that schoolboy Scotch.
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But this must be the message Scotland and Diageo wanted to send: Scotch whisky is no longer just your father's drink.
Create flavoursome meals for the whole family, any night of the week, with the Scotch Lamb PGI kit which includes contemporary cookware, modern serving dishes, a stylish apron and oven glove set, as well as a PS50 voucher for the all-important hero ingredient, quality assured Scotch Lamb, to be used at your local Scotch Butchers Club member.
Rising trends such as organic scotch whiskey is also expected to drive the growth of the market during the forecast period.
Scotch Whisky is so popular that we export a bottle a bottle every 40 seconds and I've definitely been impressed by the enthusiasm for our fine malts in the US.
However, growth was seen in markets such as Taiwan, where exports significantly increased by 36% to GBP197m, said to be partly due to Single Malt Scotch becoming more popular.
BEIRUT: For Lebanese drinkers, Scotch is a familiar taste: warm, soothing and a bit smoky.
com), is a connoisseur who believes Scotch can be enjoyed by everyone.
As such, Pernod Ricard USA has deployed a team of Mastery of Scotch trade ambassadors in key markets throughout the US.
11 (ANI): Fake Scotch has entered China, prompting the authorities in Biejing and Edinburgh to discuss the issue and reach an agreement to take action against purveyors of this imitation.
Skyy Spirits has introduced Cutty Sark Blended Malt Scotch Whisky in selected U.
SCOTCH whisky is fast becoming one of the favourite tipples in China.
It was there that I heard a fascinating story about the Scotch pine in America, relayed by the professor as a way to help us recognize the species.
The Portland Brewing Company of Portland, Oregon, makers of MacTarnahan's Scottish Style Amber Ale, have announced the release of The MacTarnahan Single Malt Scotch.
WHISKY bosses have launched a war on fake Scotch with labels bearing unlikely names such as Loch Nest, MacBonald's and Scotch Terrier.