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out of all scotch and notch

Immeasurable; limitless. "Scotches" and "notches" are boundaries drawn in the game of hopscotch. My love for my husband is truly out of all scotch and notch.
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schoolboy scotch

slang A combination of codeine and hard liquor, especially Scotch whiskey. Three people from school have already been hospitalized from OD'ing on that schoolboy scotch!
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Scotch cousin

A relative that one is not closely related to. A: "Who's that? I've never met him before." B: "One of Edith's Scotch cousins, I think. I don't know him either, to be honest."
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Scotch mist

A thick mist and drizzling rain, as is common in some parts of Scotland and England. Primarily heard in UK. I hope you brought your umbrella today, because we'll be walking in a Scotch mist.
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schoolboy Scotch

n. wine. Give me a pint of that schoolboy Scotch.
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