score against (someone or something)

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score against (someone or something)

1. Literally, to gain or achieve a point or unit of points in a game or contest against some person or team. A noun or pronoun can be used between "score" and "against" to specify the kind or amount of points that was scored. The star quarterback scored five touchdowns against the cross-town rivals. If we score against them one more time, we can tie the game!
2. To gain or achieve a personal success or victory against someone else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "score" and "against" to specify or describe the kind of success or victory one achieved. I don't know why you think you need to score against your wife with these petty arguments—you're not competing against each other! Even though it didn't amount to much money, I at least felt like I scored a moral victory against the company when they agreed to refund me the full amount.
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score something (up) against someone or something

to tally up a score against someone or some team. Tara scored a few points against Sally. The Bears scored up thirteen points against the Giants.
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score against someone or something

to make a point or goal against someone or some team. Because of his bad ankle, Fred was unable to score against his defender. We never scored against the visiting team.
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It set me thinking about other City players scoring against their old clubs.
Applauding players for joylessly opting not to celebrate after scoring against their former clubs.
The Welsh side had been the only Premier League club he had never scored against, but his spot of luck gave him the 100 per cent record of scoring against all the top-flight teams.
Liverpool's Mohamed Salah celebrates scoring against Tottenham Hotspur at Anfield.
MO Diame has spoken of his delight after scoring against his old club West Ham at the London Stadium.
As for his central defensive partner, Martin Skrtel can't stop scoring against Manchester City can he?
Until he scored against Everton at White Hart Lane two weeks ago, Soldado (above) had not found the net since scoring against Cardiff on March 2.
According to The Dawn, Maxwell, who reached his maiden half-century off just 18 balls, the fourth fastest in T20 internationals, said that the experience of playing the Pakistani spinners in his first series against the team in 2012 helped him a great deal, knowing that he can face their spinners and is confident of scoring against them.
Only a few weeks ago he was planting a smacker on his Rangers crest after scoring against St Johnstone, yet on Tuesday he was waving a jersey and scarf at his new club, Everton.
After not scoring against Venezuela, and facing a stingy defense in Paraguay, Brazil will need a big game from forwards Neymar, Robinho, and Alexandre Pato.
No such problems at Eastlands, where the 5/6 (Paddy Power) about Carlos Tevez scoring against leaky Newcastle makes all kinds of sense.
The Scot opened the scoring against David Moyes' men with a stunning volley at Old Trafford.