score with

score with (someone or a group)

Inf. to please someone or a group. Her rendition of "Old Kentucky Home" really scored with the audience. You really score with me.
See also: score
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Amanda Lisberger scored both goals for Brentwood (17-3-2), including the tying score with 30 seconds remaining in regulation.
Megan Urquico gave the Knights the early lead, before Ventura tied the score with four minutes remaining in regulation to force overtime.
In cases where students are not given the score with adequate time for preparation, the instructor may need to confer with the ensemble director to clarify expectations regarding preparation time; the health or mental well-being of the pianist should be a paramount consideration.
After the second submission, the average score with respect to this category remained relatively stable on the remaining submissions, suggesting the sustainability of the teachers' efforts.
If the CAMS rubric had been used to evaluate the assessment materials of pre-service teachers, the initial score with respect to "Standard" would probably have been much lower.
A chronic disease score with empirically derived weights.
Andre Garcia set up the score with a 50-yard reception on a pass from Joey Carlin.
Schools are also given an API score with 1,000 as the top number, and school districts are given similar scores.
Morgan set up Notre Dame's next score with a fumble recovery on the Peninsula 24-yard line.
Despite a failed offensive series, Rio Mesa battled back, with defensive end Brian Ragin stealing the ball from Brown at the Oxnard 45-yard line and taking it for the score with 24 seconds to play.
Brown's 2-yard score with 6:53 left in the game gave Paraclete a 30-14 lead.
Since March 2001, the Score Power report has provided more than one million consumers with their FICO score, their Equifax Credit Profile on which the score is based, and Fair, Isaac's analysis of that score with suggestions for actions to improve it over time.
com which features Score Power, the only online credit management tool for consumers that provides Fair, Isaac's FICO credit score, their Equifax Credit Profile(TM) and a personalized analysis of their score with suggestions for improving and maintaining it.