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Politicians try to score points by promising to curb crime, but in their hearts they must know this is not in their power.
Only if you believe that pseudo-scientific tools like "spin indexes,' which measure a story's political "spin,' can prove honest in the face of the authors' determination to score points against the press.
The deadline for entering teams that will score points for the whole of February is 12:30pm on Saturday.
Teams try to correctly predict the number of tricks they will win, and score points if they reach their target.
"As for making us sit out the rally, this is a brand new car and it's not likely to score points anyway."
While you may not be able to convince a negative teacher, you may be able to score points with teachers and parents.
The report was generated using aggregate student data from North Carolina public schools, including charter schools, and provides information regarding student performance at the state level at each of the score points for grades 4, 7, and 10.
I will certainly be doing my best to deliver in qualifying but, of course, with my focus on finishing the race and taking any opportunity that we have to score points.'
1) Countries score points as follows: You get one point for every real-life point a country scores - win, lose or draw.
It's a political trade-off that bears a striking similarity to how our elected officials are willing to oppose our equal rights, like the right to marry, to score points with small-minded constituents.
We need to race and score points, as that is the main thing from a weekend.
Red Bull are definitely going to score points this year."
4 At which two grands prix did Toro Rosso outcast Sebastien Bourdais score points this season?
DAVID COULTHARD believes Saturday's qualifying session will make or break his bid to score points in a landmark Hungarian Grand Prix.
At the same time, Democratic candidate Michael Dukakis refused to let the issue of Noriega's indictment on drug trafficking die, accusing Reagan-Bush of negotiating with dope peddlers." Bashing Noriega-who, though important to the Medellin cartel's activities, was by no means the boss of the operation-was a cheap way for politicians on both sides of the partisan stripe to score points with the voters.