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1. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. Who wants to go out and get scorched?
2. and singed (sɪndʒd) mod. having to do with hair burned while smoking marijuana. (Collegiate.) If you go to sleep, you’ll be singed for sure.
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1. mod. winning at gambling; about to win something big. Let me roll again. I’m really scorching.
2. mod. caustic. That remark was really scorching.
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Huston's strong suit is not reinventing these basic plot points, he more than compensates with scorchingly good dialogue and banner-worthy chapter headings.
Ray Barbee played a scorchingly kicked back set while other Bones Brigade refugees talked with attendees like the reclusive Scan Cliver, Aaron and Desiree Astorga, Ryan Gee, Dyson Ramones, Jon Dickson, David Loy, and Nigel of the Jester.
It was scorchingly hot, especially when cycling into town.
Lena Headey is scorchingly beautiful as the queen left at home to avoid the lecherous intentions of Sparta's most devious politician, but this one is all about the boys.
The TV press tour rather thoughtlessly ate severely into my time to surf the Web in search of really embarrassing things; so I'm a little late in catching up to this scorchingly penetrating interview with Holly Hunter by what might just be a manatee in a human costume.
Now the novel merely seemed a bit cliched, and her ex's underlinings no longer scorchingly unfair or revealing of tragic hiddenness.
And consider the so-called urban heat island effect: Asphalt gets scorchingly hot, leading to higher urban temperatures.
Freedom Is Not Free Dedicated to helping the thousands of men and women who have been injured In the war--gay and lesbian service members among them--this nonpartisan nonprofit group offers the scorchingly sexy American Heroes 2007 Calendar ($14.
And big sunglasses look set to put the competition in the shade as Ireland gears up for what could be a scorchingly stylish summer.
On another scorchingly hot morning, business with on-the-spot British bookmaking representatives was as light as activity on the track.
overcast, scorchingly hot, too chilly, or showers occurred at sunset, which is the best boating safety enforcement time of the day).
48) Burtchaell comes to a similar conclusion when he notes that Clement made "a scorchingly explicit moral inventory of the rebels.
Scorchingly hot are his Red Chile Mustard, Rub for Fish, and Citrus Marinade, as well as Pure Jalapeno and Pure Ancho Chile Powders.
The sun passes scorchingly close to earth causing the measured passage of hour and season to warp in slingshot orbit.
Overall, Ginsburg won the triple crown as the fastest in each of the three terms; she also came out as the overall scorchingly fastest Justice on Court.