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1. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. Who wants to go out and get scorched?
2. and singed (sɪndʒd) mod. having to do with hair burned while smoking marijuana. (Collegiate.) If you go to sleep, you’ll be singed for sure.
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1. mod. winning at gambling; about to win something big. Let me roll again. I’m really scorching.
2. mod. caustic. That remark was really scorching.
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For each CPE studied, the scorch protected VC40-SP2 provided a 5% higher [M.
Like its predecessor, The Scorch Trials is a commercial success.
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials opens in Philippine cinemas Sept.
Musicians, music teachers and students will enjoy features in Scorch, including:
The adventure short will be shown prior to Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials in select locations equipped with Barco Escape, providing an exciting way to engage audiences further in the Barco Escape experience.
The winning storyboards will be immortalised by an artist from Sunrise Productions, the creators of Scorch, and the winning films will be seen by thousands of young people on the Into Film and WRU websites.
Anyone wanting to find out more about how to sponsor Sam or Scorch can contact Karl Langford on 024 7672 6018.
The children from St Josephs should be extremely proud of themselves to have beaten of stiff competition from schools all around Wales to write the next instalment of the Scorch story.
SP (scorch protected) and SP2 (double scorch protected) technology utilizes novel trap and re-release of free radicals for fast and efficient crosslinking while providing increased control for compounding and curing operations.
But remember, keep it in partial shade or wind scorch will be replaced by sun scorch.
Technical assistant James, who works at Speyside High School, Moray, said: "If getting bitten on the nose wasn't bad enough I ended up with scorch marks on my face.
0 will blend Sibelius Scorch technology - the standard for web delivery of sheet music - with the In the Chair engine that made its debut in early 2005.
An argument culminates in Gary quitting BASA just before Scorch ventures to Earth and is captured by villainous General Shanker (William Shatner).
Locals whoop as Scorch stage-dives from the cargo doors of his spaceship but Scorch's strait-laced older brother Gary (Rob Corddry), who works as a controller at Baab's space agency BASA, is unimpressed by the recklessness of his sibling.
Then a man appears telling them they have two weeks to travel one hundred miles of the Scorch to reach a safe haven, which will make escaping the maze look like child's play.