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scope (on) someone

Sl. to evaluate a member of the opposite sex visually. He scoped every girl who came in the door. He wouldn't like it if somebody scoped on him. Or would he?

scope someone or something out

Sl. to look someone or something over; to check someone or something out. Hey, scope the new car out! Dave was scoping out all the girls.
See also: out, scope

scope out

To make a preliminary inspection of something: The crew scoped out possible locations for the movie. Before the thieves robbed the bank, they spent weeks scoping it out.
See also: out, scope

scope (on) someone

tv. & in. to evaluate a member of the opposite sex visually. He scoped every girl who came in the door.
See also: on, scope

scope someone

See also: scope

scope someone out

tv. to look someone over; to check someone out. Dave was scoping out all the girls.
See also: out, scope
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3] How is USPAP affected by the changes related to scope of work?
Houghton (16) offers some guidance in clarifying the scope of the motor vehicle exception as it relates to personal privacy.
The administering entity is responsible for determining whether modifying the peer review report to reflect the limitation in scope is required.
Huntington disagrees the new EN scope of practice, which omits the word "relatively" when referring to stable and predictable health outcomes, restricts the scope.
In the scope display shown, about 85% of each UI is open, giving this system sufficient margin.
In this case, the scope is focused on new technologies to enhance the attractiveness and marketability of well-established products.
The consensus of the 200 or so biologists who contributed to the SCOPE study in 11 regional workshops over the past two years is that, even in the best of times, natural ecosystems could never feed earth's roughly 5 billion people.
Appearing at food festivals across the country, Scope introduced its latest collection of products featuring new Dual-Blast technology, which helps eliminate strong food odors, like onion and garlic, while killing bad breath germs1.
The scope of instantaneous heating units to infusion fluids.
Originally all riflescopes were adjusted by moving their mounts, but eventually the mounts used screws to move the scope back and forth.
If you ever wanted to achieve a “super vision” then a spotting scope would be the way to go.
Sightmark's Core SX Scope Series introduces four specialty scopes compatible with crossbows, pistols, and shotguns.
Scope trolley for transporting patients in the supine position units.
In a fixed-power scope those are the erector tube's only two functions, and the erector lens is firmly attached to the inside of the tube.
It had been sitting on the shelf in Blaser's quick-detachable saddle mount, so it was just a matter of clamping the scope into place and hoping the zero was at least close.