scoot down

scoot down (to some place)

to go (down) somewhere in a hurry. I want you to scoot down to the store and get me a dozen eggs. Okay? I'll scoot down as soon as I finish reading the newspaper.
See also: down, scoot
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DE BRUYNE eased the through a tricky Brennan Bernardo shrugged off the injustice of his disallowed goal to scoot down the left and deliver a great cross which had Sterling twisting in mid-air to head past keeper Neil Etheridge.
They pick it up and scoot down the field and score.
Treeing dogs work best late in the season when squirrels will scoot down the trees to eat and the branches are bare.
Robson-Kanu, who sounds like a cut-and-shut player made from two golden oldies, was allowed total freedom to scoot down the outside lane to cross in and the close range header from Williams was totally unchallenged.
IOne to scoot down the wing, the other to thrust through the middle of the park and a third just to admire from a distance like a work of art.
Maybe builders should scoot down to the local greasy spoon when nature calls, but there's always a danger they could be overcome with 'full English' fumes and end up staying for a fry-up?
People think the Curragh is more straightforward, but a lot of the Irish Derby course is on the turn and it can be hard to make up ground when the leaders scoot down the hill into the straight.
Welker can suck defenses in with his quick outs and hooks, and Thomas can make them pay with a scoot down field for a bomb.
Once again full-back Owen was very much involved as the ball went quickly through the hands from Hinchliffe to Owen, who again fed Mitchell to scoot down the line for his second try.
SCOOT down to Toys 'R' Us and pick up the perfect Christmas gift for your kids, grandchildren, friends and family.
40pm so we can accommodate the eight-race card and allow jockeys to scoot down to Catterick for their evening meeting.
Quick ball off the top of a second minute line-out saw Mose easily outflanked and wing Tommy Seymour scoot down the sideline.
According to a report in the Telegraph, the robot, around the size of an eight-year-old child, can scoot down a snow-covered hill on a couple of practice runs before taking on a giant slalom course.
How many times have you had to repeatedly tell a patient to scoot down to the end of the examination table?
And then skipper Ben Phillips gave Hunt enough room to scoot down the right wing and plunge over in the corner to give his side a 12 point lead.