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scoop something out of something

 and scoop something Out
to remove something from something by dipping or scooping. She scooped the water out of the bottom of the rowboat. Karen scooped out the water.
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scoop something up

to gather and remove something by scooping, dipping, or bailing. Karen scooped the nuts up and put them in a bag. Jill scooped up all the money she had won and left the poker table.
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What's the scoop?

Inf. What is the news?; What's new with you? Bob: Did you hear about Tom? Mary: No, what's the scoop? "Hi, you guys!" beamed John's little brother. "What's the scoop?"

scoop the pool (or the kitty)

be completely successful; gain everything.
In gambling games, the pool or kitty is the total amount of money that is staked.
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scoop up

1. To lift or collect something with a scoop or scooping motion: I scooped up a handful of jelly beans. The tractor scooped the dirt up and poured it in the hole.
2. To win or achieve something, especially a prize, easily: The movie scooped up numerous awards. We scooped another win up on Saturday.
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1. n. a news story gathered by a reporter before any other reporter hears of it. I got a great scoop! I was right there when it happened.
2. tv. to beat someone—such as another reporter—in the race to get a news story first. They scooped the other paper on both stories.
3. n. a general roundup and arrest of criminals; a bust. (Underworld.) Bart got picked up in that big drug scoop last month.
4. n. liquor; a glass of beer. A little scoop helps pass the time when you’re waiting.
5. n. a folded matchbook cover used to snort cocaine or heroin. I need a scoop. It’s no good without one.
6. tv. & in. to snort cocaine or heroin, using a folded matchbook cover. He scooped two lines together.

What’s the scoop?

interrog. What is the news? “Hi, you guys!” beamed John’s little brother. “What’s the scoop?”
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The Mewper Scooper will be represented at industry-leading trade shows throughout the 2 year period by Miami, Florida-based Innovation Direct[TM], which serves as the exclusive licensing agent for NewProductHelp.
Professional poop scooping is a growing industry, and the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists is a professional trade organization that provides listings of professional pooper scoopers in the United States and Canada in the Find-A-Scooper National Directory on its Website, http://www.
It's all outdoors and usually hot, so wear sunscreen and comfy shoes, and bring a pooper scooper and leash for your dog.
When they do their business in Buchanan Street or any other pedestrianised areas, the police don't get off their saddle to get their pooper scooper out why not?
Regina Peruggi, head of the Central Park Conservancy, wields a pooper scooper in Manhattan's famous park, and Eric Bonnot, chief of Burger King UK, slings patties and drains fries.
HOLLYWOOD star David Arquette has hired a dollars 15-per-hour pooper- scooper to clean his garden.
1 -- 2 -- color -- ran in SAC edition only) Above, a super scooper dumps water Saturday on a raging brush fire that has burned 5,700 acres in Bouquet Canyon since it started on Friday.
And her local council were happy to arm her with a wheelie bin, gloves and pooper scooper so she could target play areas.
Committee member Dolly Rogers said she's bringing the ``pooper scooper, just in case.
Add pennants, a helmet, a football or other team souvenirs for a centerpiece; buy napkins and plastic bowls in team colors to get everyone in a Scooper Bowl state of mind.
Equipped with a lined wastebasket and a scissorslike shovel-and-fork scooper, Conaway can personally clean up 15 to 20 yards a day - five to 10 minutes a yard - and deposit the droppings in the owners' trash cans.
The early 1970s series featured 16-year-old Peter as Scooper.
If the council chooses to proceed with the program, staff also is asking it to consider revising the city's pooper scooper provision in the ordinance to require dog owners to carry a device for waste removal in public.
Items include standard-size and serving fork ($150 and $75, respectively), knife and spoon sets, a canape knife set ($38), and other pieces ranging from iced tea spoons to an ice cream scooper.