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not let someone catch someone doing something

 and not want to catch someone doing something
an expression that scolds someone who has done something wrong. (The idea is that the person ought not to do the wrong thing again, not that the person simply avoid getting caught.) How many times have I told you not to play ball in the house? Don't let me catch you doing that again. If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times: Don't do that! I don't want to catch you doing it again!
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scold someone about something

to rebuke or chastise someone about something. How many times have I scolded you about that? Please don't scold me about something I didn't do.
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scold someone for something

to rebuke or chastise someone for doing something. The manager scolded the worker for misplacing the door key. The teacher scolded all the students for their bad behavior.
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References in classic literature ?
cried the youth, "pray help me now and scold me afterwards.
On the contrary, when a set of grave men and philosophers are disputing; when wisdom herself may in a manner be considered as present, and administering arguments to the disputants; should a tumult arise among the mob, or should one scold, who is herself equal in noise to a mighty mob, appear among the said philosophers; their disputes cease in a moment, wisdom no longer performs her ministerial office, and the attention of every one is immediately attracted by the scold alone.
Altogether, this time of trouble was rather a Saturnalian time to Kezia; she could scold her betters with unreproved freedom.
Tulliver went submissively downstairs; to be ordered about by a servant was the last remnant of her household dignities,--she would soon have no servant to scold her.
Mother, are you angry when you fold your lips tight together and go out of the room sometimes, when Aunt March scolds or people worry you?
Everybody scolds us, everybody gives us advice, everybody warns us.
And as soon as an important moment of life comes, like the children when they are cold and hungry, I turn to Him, and even less than the children when their mother scolds them for their childish mischief, do I feel that my childish efforts at wanton madness are reckoned against me.
Children should also realise that it is only for their good that parents scold them.
She asserted that she is sure that her mother is going to scold her for wearing a top that showed her bra while she was coming out of a restaurant in London.
He understands and does not scold or condemn when we fall short and fail.
Disappointed, Aleks Bukarski estimates for Dnevnik that the Greek nation, unlike us Macedonians, has not forgotten to scold owners and employers for exploiting and robbing them.
Nevertheless, Bardsley fails to produce convincing evidence to back up her assertion that the most decisive factor in scold prosecution was the presence of local elites, "who--for a variety of reasons--were personally invested in scold prosecution" (114).
The middle chapters focused on what makes adults scold, the effect of scolding, and which children are scolded the most.
Yankelovich isn't simply an outside scold with no appreciation of the challenges in executive suites and boardrooms.
A rodent mother can't scold or praise her offspring, but her approach to mothering lays a genetic foundation for her pups' lifelong response to threats, neuroscientists have found.