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scoff at (someone or something)

To dismiss something with scorn, ridicule, or derision. The CEO scoffed at the backlash, confident that those complaining were nothing but a vocal minority. They scoffed at me when I warned them of the disastrous fault in the system, but now they're seeing just how right I was.
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scoff at someone or something

to show ridicule or scorn for someone or something. The directors scoffed at her when she presented her plan. They scoffed at my new hat, not realizing how stylish it was.
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1. tv. & in. to eat (something). (see also scarf.) She scoffed three hamburgers and a large order of fries.
2. n. food. This scoff is gross!
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The BIG release Marlo watches TV reality shows and scoffs pizza in exhausted surrender to the impossible standards of other parents
But her hunky new friend beside her didn't seem bothered as she scoffed peanuts and roared with laughter.
Today, with Communism defeated or in retreat nearly everywhere, it is easy to scoff at the rack of dominos.
All too often when associates, believers only in themselves, discover that I'm a Christian, I get a shocked look that scoffs, "Why, I would have thought you too intelligently for that."
Marlo reality scoffs exhausted surrender impossible They previously teamed up for 2007's teen pregnancy drama Juno, and 2011's Young Adult, which also starred Theron.
The baker scoffs at her request, and as a cruel joke, weighs the weight of one mass--as written on a tiny corner of paper--against the bread to be offered.
The nine-month-old Norfolk Black and Blue scoffs at anyone who feels sorry for him being the only one of a flock of 50 left unsold at a pick-your-own farm.
"Rehashing every moment in your mundane life?" she scoffs in Enough About Me.
He also scoffs at reports of earning pounds 5,000 a week.
The collaboration, named Scoff, is bringing together five Midlands vendors - The Jabberwocky, Hungry Toad, Spectacular Goat, Big Daddies Diner and The Meat Shack.