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scoff at (someone or something)

To dismiss something with scorn, ridicule, or derision. The CEO scoffed at the backlash, confident that those complaining were nothing but a vocal minority. They scoffed at me when I warned them of the disastrous fault in the system, but now they're seeing just how right I was.
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scoff at someone or something

to show ridicule or scorn for someone or something. The directors scoffed at her when she presented her plan. They scoffed at my new hat, not realizing how stylish it was.
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1. tv. & in. to eat (something). (see also scarf.) She scoffed three hamburgers and a large order of fries.
2. n. food. This scoff is gross!
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Jon Miner would come into the pod room and scoffingly remark "Pod drama!"
He laughs scoffingly at references to the present political "news story", which centres on Stephen Byers, the Transport Secretary, and the departure of the political advisor Jo Moore and civil servant Martin Sixsmith.
And the dames whispered scoffingly: "Her moods, good lack, they pass like showers!
Laura scoffingly claimed that if such were the case even the child of a married woman could be any other man's offspring.
The legend is that Theophilus, the judge's secretary, scoffingly said to her, as she was going to execution, " Send me some fruit and roses, Dorothea, when you get to Paradise.