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scoff at (someone or something)

To dismiss something with scorn, ridicule, or derision. The CEO scoffed at the backlash, confident that those complaining were nothing but a vocal minority. They scoffed at me when I warned them of the disastrous fault in the system, but now they're seeing just how right I was.
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scoff at someone or something

to show ridicule or scorn for someone or something. The directors scoffed at her when she presented her plan. They scoffed at my new hat, not realizing how stylish it was.
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1. tv. & in. to eat (something). (see also scarf.) She scoffed three hamburgers and a large order of fries.
2. n. food. This scoff is gross!
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The 'O' comes from the word 'one' in the original question number 3; this original question number 3 of the SCOFF asks about having lost more than 'one' stone weight in the past three months.
The list of key words for the search included: SCOFF questionnaire combined with each of the terms 'eating disorder', 'anorexia nervosa', 'bulimia nervosa', 'screening', 'primary care', 'validation', 'psychometrics' and 'prevalence'.
Provisioning of troops in Vietnam cost too much, Lind scoffs.
In Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (the book), Ted Allen doesn't scoff at the question "If I can get produce year-round, why do I care what's in season?
Ken Krasnow, Senior Managing Director, Cushman & Wakerfield Scoff Pudalov, Exec.
They'll scoff a chocolate fudge cake and ice cream because they've given themselves permission to eat anything -but only when they'rephysically hungry.
We can't afford to continue employing people who scoff at the Holy Father, we can't continue to endure in-fighting and dissent within our parish liturgies and programs.
And to those who scoff at asking Mary and the saints to plead our cause rather than appealing to God directly, this same commentator, Marice Boulding, offers the witness of the Old Testament:
There are, of course, many good Americans who would scoff at this assessment, despite recognizing the danger.
PEOPLE scoff at having a punt in the Lincoln but it is still in the top 20 betting races of the year, so after scoffing they must nip down the bookies and have a few quid.
LITTLE girls really are made of sugar and spice - because they scoff pounds of the stuff according to new figures.
Kwan also gives a thoughtful account of her reaction to the news of world-renowned coach Carlo Fassi's death from a heart crack and Scoff Hamilton's bout with cancer, and the perspective these events gave her on her own career.
Rather, Fiammetta is saying that she wants to keep her book away from men because they are more likely to scoff than to pity her.
Staff at one of the big fella's former clubs recall with awe how Molby would often send out for pie and chips, scoff the lot, then go back for second helpings.