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I'm a (something), not a (something else)

Used to emphasize one's status as a certain type of person to the exclusion of some other type. Modeled on the catch phrase of Dr. McCoy in the television series Star Trek, "I'm a doctor, not a (something)." A: "What do you think would be the best way to market our new app?" B: "Hey, don't ask me—I'm a programmer, not a salesperson." A: "Do you think you can repair the car?" B: "Lady, I'm a mechanic, not a miracle worker. This thing is totaled."
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it doesn't take a rocket scientist (to do something)

One doesn't have to be particularly intelligent to be able to do or understand something. I doesn't take a rocket scientist to learn how to change the oil in your car. How has he not learned how to check his email yet? It doesn't take a rocket scientist.
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you don't have to be a rocket scientist (to do something)

You don't have to be particularly intelligent to be able to do or understand something. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to learn how to change the oil in your car. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that you have to unplug electrical equipment before you try to fix it.
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you don’t have to be a ˈrocket scientist (to do something)


it doesn’t take a ˈrocket scientist (to do something)

used to emphasize that something is easy to understand: Of course this model sells more than the others — it’s the cheapest! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work that one out.
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rocket scientist, you don't have to be a

This problem or idea is not that difficult to understand. This hyperbolic colloquialism dates from the mid-twentieth century, as does its synonym, you don’t have to be a brain surgeon. Clearly they imply that these professions require unusual intellectual acumen. Reporting on an economic forum, the Boston Globe quoted former President Bill Clinton, “You want to save 4 million lives? Give them the medicine. It’s not rocket science” (Jan. 28, 2005). Also, “And then he got murdered. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure there’s a lot more to it than I thought” (David Baldacci, Hour Gam, 2004). See also no-brainer.
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The genetic codes will also help scientists pinpoint once-unrecognized species--for instance, members of a group of elephants in Africa may look identical to each other.
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The student intermediary has the task of determining what can be maneuvered in the chemical world of one scientist and how it relates to the symbols in the other scientist's physical world.
Werner Kuhn (1899-1963), Swiss teacher and scientist, who among many other achievements in physical chemistry, first applied statistical considerations to the properties of macromolecules, and successfully accounted in this way for the elasticity and stress-induced double refraction of rubberlike materials.
Besides sending research articles to two or three anonymous reviewers, the journal was posting some papers on a Web site where any interested scientist could voice his or her opinions about the research, as long as the commenters revealed their identities.
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