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a (kind of) turn of mind

A particular way of considering, thinking about, or approaching things in one's life. My dad always had a very pragmatic turn of mind, so everything he did had to be weighed against how it would benefit him and the family. With the release of his new non-fiction book about international policy, the star athlete has been revealing a surprisingly intellectual turn of mind.
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scientific wild-ass guess

slang An estimate or guess based on very simple evidence, reasoning, or logic. Now, this is just a scientific wild-ass guess, but judging from the calculations I jotted down just now, we need to clear about $500,000 in sales to recoup our development costs. I never trust weather forecasts—in this country, they're little more than scientific wild-ass guesses!
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a practical, scientific, etc. turn of ˈmind

a practical, scientific, etc. way of thinking about things: He’s got a very practical turn of mind. He can fix anything.
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scientific wild ass guess

and SWAG
phr. & comp. abb. a simple guess. (Often objectionable.) I don’t know at all. That was a SWAG. I always use the SWAG system.
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The regulators said that it feared people who saw the ad might believe eHarmony had a scientifically proven method for providing a better shot at finding a relationship.
In the meantime, we cannot and should not ignore strange phenomena just because we cannot explain them scientifically or rationally.
A key question that challenges both positions is whether or not the biblical account, because it is inspired by God, must be scientifically accurate.
Yoga is lot of science and asanas need to be practised very carefully and scientifically"Dr.
Critique: In "Grow Up Your Ego: Ten Scientifically Validated Stages to Emotional and Spiritual Maturity", author Jeannette M.
Our task now is to participate and do everything we can to help ensure that the final rule is strong, scientifically valid, and protects the people of Wyoming."
These nutrients are backed by solid research and are scientifically demonstrated to promote health in targeted areas.
NAIROBI, KENYA * Church leaders are pressing the Kenyan government to scientifically test herbal medicines that millions use to manage and treat diseases, saying the nontraditional therapies could be putting patients' health at risk.
Meanwhile, we are working to build bridges between our people and the world economically, culturally, and scientifically, out of our conviction of the importance of human relations among States and peoples and their roles in promoting of peace, justice and equality for all peoples worldwide, " His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai hails UAE's 40 years of achievements on national day.
According to the results, more than half of the participants gave scientifically correct answers in spite of the relatively few opportunities open to them for physics classes.
We do not test currently for HGH, because no scientifically validated urine test exists.
"The Creativity Formula: 50 Scientifically Proven Creativity Boosters for Work and for Life" is a guide to enhancing creativity in one's life, using scientifically proven methods known to inspire humans above and beyond what is normally expected of them.
This scientifically detected (if not scientifically nomenclatured) wave registers errors so rapidly that you can usually stop yourself from falling down the stairs or saying the wrong thing (but not always; see Bush, G.W.; Berra, Yogi; Simpson, Homer).
The no-calorie vitamin water is made from reverse osmosis purified water that is infused with essential vitamins, minerals and extracts from NutraGenesis, a company that offers proprietary and scientifically supported ingredients to the food and beverage industry.
No Child Left Behind also mandates that schools identified as "in need of improvement" be overhauled and employ methods of instruction that have been scientifically validated.
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