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a (kind of) turn of mind

A particular way of considering, thinking about, or approaching things in one's life. My dad always had a very pragmatic turn of mind, so everything he did had to be weighed against how it would benefit him and the family. With the release of his new non-fiction book about international policy, the star athlete has been revealing a surprisingly intellectual turn of mind.
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scientific wild-ass guess

slang An estimate or guess based on very simple evidence, reasoning, or logic. Now, this is just a scientific wild-ass guess, but judging from the calculations I jotted down just now, we need to clear about $500,000 in sales to recoup our development costs. I never trust weather forecasts—in this country, they're little more than scientific wild-ass guesses!
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a practical, scientific, etc. turn of ˈmind

a practical, scientific, etc. way of thinking about things: He’s got a very practical turn of mind. He can fix anything.
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scientific wild ass guess

and SWAG
phr. & comp. abb. a simple guess. (Often objectionable.) I don’t know at all. That was a SWAG. I always use the SWAG system.
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But the scientific gentleman could not rest under the idea of the ingenious treatise he had projected being lost to the world, which must inevitably be the case if the speculation of the ingenious Mr.
Now, shortly before the scientific gentleman walked out into the garden, Mr.
As to the scientific gentleman, he demonstrated, in a masterly treatise, that these wonderful lights were the effect of electricity; and clearly proved the same by detailing how a flash of fire danced before his eyes when he put his head out of the gate, and how he received a shock which stunned him for a quarter of an hour afterwards; which demonstration delighted all the scientific associations beyond measure, and caused him to be considered a light of science ever afterwards.
Her pride in his scientific achievements, and her mortification at finding them but little known out of his own country, were genuine feelings.
Bygrave is one of the few persons in England who appreciate my husband's scientific labors.
1 / 2 The award highlights the role of distinguished participants in Saudi scientific production and supports their contributions to society.
Taha al-Mutawakil, announced on Sunday the establishment of a scientific research center in the ministry to improve and develop health services in the country.
Scientists who have achieved significant scientific success should be more actively involved in research and development of scientific personnel in Azerbaijan.
QNA Doha A JOINT Qatari-European-American scientific research on food, water and energy has been awarded a scientific and technical certificate from the Belmont International Scientific Research Forum and the European Union for Urban Cities.
Scientific Games Corporation (Nasdaq:SGMS) announced on Tuesday the acquisition of 11,600,000 ordinary shares (the acquired shares) of NYX Gaming Group Limited (CVE: NYX.V).
Abu Dhabi: The UAE has a big role to play in encouraging the development of scientific research in universities and schools, according to Dr Hussain Sabry, who recently published a book titled Scientific Research Skill.
During the meeting, the two sides touched on a number of joint scientific and research issues that included means of enhancing and supporting the scientific and research cooperation between SQU and the Turkish higher education and research institutions.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Scientific Attache to Indian peninsula Ali Azam Khosravi and the Chancellors of Sri Lankan Universities stressed the need for the further development of scientific relations between academicians of the two countries.
This was clear at the First (Riyadh, April 13) Saudi International Conference for Scientific Culture (SICSC-2013) organized jointly by King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) and King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies (KFCRIS) at KACST campus in Riyadh.
ERIC Descriptors: Physics; Scientific Research; Writing for Publication; Deception; Case Studies; Institutional Characteristics; Reputation; Integrity; Ethics; Antisocial Behavior; Supervision; Validity; Scientific Methodology; Scientific Principles; Repetition; Scientific Literacy
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