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schoolboy error

A very simple, basic, or fundamental mistake or error. Primarily heard in UK. Thanks to a schoolboy error by their opponents' keeper, the football club will advance to the next round of the tourney. The math textbook had to be reprinted after several schoolboy errors were discovered in some of the equations.
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schoolboy humor

Immature humor. Guys, enough with the schoolboy humor. Let's try to act like adults, please.
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schoolboy scotch

slang A combination of codeine and hard liquor, especially Scotch whiskey. Three people from school have already been hospitalized from OD'ing on that schoolboy scotch!
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schoolboy Scotch

n. wine. Give me a pint of that schoolboy Scotch.
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Five schoolboys were talking on the side of the road.
It was really frustrating when they left because they left as very young schoolboys.
Put into bat, Karachi Gymkhana Schoolboys scored 220 for nine in the allotted 40 overs.
Not since Tony Reeves (now a coach at the gym) 24 years ago, has Kirkdale won a national Schoolboys title.
HEBRON, May 4, 2016 (WAFA) - An aggressive settler Wednesday morning attacked Palestinian schoolboys en route to their school at Tal Rumeida neighborhood in Hebron's Old City, said security sources.
Summary: Suspect bought bikes from 2 schoolboys who had stolen them from catering company and printing house
building cleaning + schoolboys design power, renner school (nms 17/18, vs 28), lions field school (nms 10, vs 17) ebelsbergschule (nms 23), village hall school (vs 33).
When Rhodri and his dad were watching the 18-year-old Cliff playing for the Secondary Schools, Gerald was captaining the all-conquering Welsh Schoolboys XV Under-15s .
Det Con Vicky Bailey said: "It's shocking this level of violence was carried out by three schoolboys.
Bahrain can implement such a method by enhancing the schoolboys system.
ThenewAcademy facilities available to City schoolboys aged from under-9s through to full-time trainees at under-18 are a massive leap forward from the past when the club rented a hall in the city and met up twice a week.
The bill will feature last year's Welsh champion and British schoolboy finalist Liam Taylor and Tom Hearn, as well as much-improved schoolboys Joe Hall and Ben Hogan.
It would be a schoolboy error to lump the big six blindly in your acca, and schoolboy errors are best left to others, like England internationals and schoolboys.
GORDON STRACHAN was back coaching for the first time since leaving Middlesbrough earlier this season as he put the Scotland Schoolboys Under-18 players through their paces at Toryglen.
THERE was much promising talent on view in the Huddersfield v Sheffield RU Schoolboys game at Waterloo when the Huddersfield team gained a well-deserved 18-8 victory.