school in

school someone in something

to train, discipline, or coach someone in something. The voice coach schooled the singer in excellent breathing techniques. We were schooled in oratory and debate. She schooled herself in patience.
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It was the second burglary in four days at Gunter Primary School in Pype Hayes, Erdington, with IT equipment taken both times.
Children as young as three recited nursery rhymes and songs in Spanish as St Austin's primary school in's Grassendale as part ofthe city's award-winning foreign languages initiative.
Burglars snatched laptops, radios and a flat screen TV during break-ins at Westwood Academy in Canley, Foxford School in Longford, Limbrick Wood Primary School in Tile Hill and Park Hill Primary School in Eastern Green.
Oda, Canadian Minister of International Cooperation, visited the Union Council of Kozabanda to inaugurate the newly constructed Government Girls Primary School in Dager Mera village.
On the first occasion, after slipping through an open window at St Cyres School in Penarth on Tuesday, July 12, he searched the staff room before leaving though the main school gate at around 3.50pm with a stash of money and keys.
Administrators at Putnam County Elementary School in Eatonton, Ga., are an ambitious group, and they don't want any first-year teachers to fail.
SCHOOLKIDS are facing weigh-ins at a Midland school in the latest bid to tackle childhood obesity.
The attack happened at about 8.30pm last Friday as the 14-year- old girl crossed the playing fields at Sutton High School in Ellesmere Port after leaving some friends.
Three years later, I graduated from high school in the top 20 with honors."
She said Rabeal's grades have dropped a full letter at Churchill Elementary School in west suburban Glen Ellyn, and that the fifth-grader talks about her father constantly.
Sixteen-year-old Robert Lawson attends high school in Ohio -- and attended the event at St.
The new guidelines are based largely on a proposal submitted to the INS by the Women Refugees Project of Harvard Law School in 1994.
A Samsung laptop computer worth more than pounds 700 was taken from Townland Primary School in Meadowcourt Road, Earl Shilton, last Saturday and an attempted break-in was made at Barwell Junior school in High Street, Barwell.
Others, they add, were locked away in detention, including a 13-year-old Sikh who had finally lashed out against aggressors at his school in Kent, Washington.
Similarly, the tour of South Fayette High School in Pennsylvania includes videos of selected locations.
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