school in

school someone in something

to train, discipline, or coach someone in something. The voice coach schooled the singer in excellent breathing techniques. We were schooled in oratory and debate. She schooled herself in patience.
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The opening of the school in the Kanawha Valley, however, brought to me one of the keenest disappointments that I ever experienced.
Finally I won, and was permitted to go to the school in the day for a few months, with the understanding that I was to rise early in the morning and work in the furnace till nine o'clock, and return immediately after school closed in the afternoon for at least two more hours of work.
One of the methods by which they endeavoured to accomplish this was by encouraging tale-bearing, which had become a frightfully common vice in the school in consequence, and had sapped all the foundations of school morality.
He gave me some letters of introduction, in the name, I think, of my travelling companion; they bore reference to a supposititious little boy who had been left with a widowed mother who didn't know what to do with him; the poor lady had thought, as a means of thawing the tardy compassion of her relations in his behalf, of sending him to a Yorkshire school; I was the poor lady's friend, travelling that way; and if the recipient of the letter could inform me of a school in his neighbourhood, the writer would be very much obliged.
school in Massachusetts, was divided in his choice of career between becoming a doctor or an aviator.
So Rose told about her school in her pretty, earnest way, dwelling on Phebe's hunger for knowledge, and the delight it was to help her, adding, with a wise nod
Oda, Canadian Minister of International Cooperation, visited the Union Council of Kozabanda to inaugurate the newly constructed Government Girls Primary School in Dager Mera village.
Administrators at Putnam County Elementary School in Eatonton, Ga.
The steps came after vandals trashed 11 rooms and caused more than $20,000 in damage at Piute Middle School in July.
SCHOOLKIDS are facing weigh-ins at a Midland school in the latest bid to tackle childhood obesity.
A Samsung laptop computer worth more than pounds 700 was taken from Townland Primary School in Meadowcourt Road, Earl Shilton, last Saturday and an attempted break-in was made at Barwell Junior school in High Street, Barwell.
She said Rabeal's grades have dropped a full letter at Churchill Elementary School in west suburban Glen Ellyn, and that the fifth-grader talks about her father constantly.
Others, they add, were locked away in detention, including a 13-year-old Sikh who had finally lashed out against aggressors at his school in Kent, Washington.
The new guidelines are based largely on a proposal submitted to the INS by the Women Refugees Project of Harvard Law School in 1994.
Evan was nominated by Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis, and James was nominated by Creekside Middle School in Carmel.
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