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Tom imbibed a fair amount of Latin and Greek at the school, but somehow, on the whole, it didn't suit him, or he it, and in the holidays he was constantly working the Squire to send him at once to a public school.
However, finding both father and son against her on this point, she gave in, like a wise woman, and proceeded to prepare Tom's kit for his launch into a public school.
She SHOULD look at him, that red-haired Shirley girl with the little pointed chin and the big eyes that weren't like the eyes of any other girl in Avonlea school.
It was asking too much of flesh and blood to expect her to tell before the whole school that she had been called "carrots.
When school was dismissed Anne marched out with her red head held high.
Ruby Gillis, who got a glimpse of it as it went down, told the others going home from school that she'd "acksually never seen anything like it--it was so white, with awful little red spots in it.
When school went out Anne marched to her desk, ostentatiously took out everything therein, books and writing tablet, pen and ink, testament and arithmetic, and piled them neatly on her cracked slate.
I am not coming back to school any more," said Anne.
She's sent ten children to school and she ought to know something about it.
Tillie Boulter was in on her way home from school and told me about it.
That is I wouldn't say school to her again until she said it herself.
She learned her lessons at home, did her chores, and played with Diana in the chilly purple autumn twilights; but when she met Gilbert Blythe on the road or encountered him in Sunday school she passed him by with an icy contempt that was no whit thawed by his evident desire to appease her.
Senate Bill 291 would have required home schools to be supervised by a certified teacher and monitored biannually by the school district, prohibited the home schooling of any child with developmental disabilities (despite the existence of many studies proving that special needs students learn better in a home-school setting), and prohibited home schooling by stepparents and legal guardians.
Facing increased pressure from concerned parents and educators regarding the need for discipline reform, the federal government and state legislators have changed existing laws and created new ones that, in turn, have required school districts to issue mandatory suspensions and expulsions.
On the other hand, the school is full with 160 students, and the marketing efforts undertaken during the past three years have worked.
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