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the whole schmear

everything possible or available; every aspect of something. North American informal
Schmear (also spelled schmeer , shmear , or shmeer ) means ‘bribery’ or ‘flattery’, and comes from the Yiddish verb schmirn meaning ‘grease’ or ‘flatter’.
1970 Lawrence Sanders The Anderson Tapes I want a complete list…Any thing and everything…The whole shmear.
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the whole schmear

n. the entire amount; the entire affair. (Based on Yiddish.) I’ll take a hamburger with everything on it—the whole schmear.
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whole schmear

The entirety of something; everything.
See also: schmear, whole
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And when the circulation managers took breaks and pondered all these matters -- plus the possibility of zoning by lifestyles and life stages, as suggested by Riverside's Osmon -- they retreated to a snack area stocked with coffee, bagels mitt schmear and, of course, newspapers.
English' words like SCHLOCK and SCHMEAR were likewise stolen from Yiddish.
Think of the Double Chocolate Twirl as a cinnamon roll with chocolate replacing the cinnamon, in both the dough and the schmear.
He failed to cut spending, failed to brake the growth of government, failed to tell the truth: We're spending too much on Social Security, Medicare, entitlements, UDAG, the whole schmear.
Can I Have a Schmear of Avocado on My Bagel Please?
Each dish is spun like a Hanukkah dreidel, then christened with a cheery Chrismukkah name: Gefilte Goose, Kris Kringle Kugel, Bah Humburgers, Gelt Melt, Deck the Halls with Boughs of Challah, Good Cheer with a Schmear, and Yule Plotz
Manhattan is known for its world class restaurants and unique dining opportunities ranging from five-star culinary wonderlands to falafel carts and bagels with a schmear.
One design, for instance, features bagels garnished with cream cheese and holly and wishing "Good Cheer with a Schmear.
Use your hands and schmear the melted margarine all over the turkey.
So maybe it's not turkey and dressing, but from casual office celebrations to football brunches, more and more people think 'tis the season to break bagels and schmear cream cheese with the people we see day in and out.
Towering pastrami sandwiches, bagels with gooey schmears of cream cheese, and pizza slices that spill over paper plates may be the city's culinary landmarks, but the health department is against them.