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the whole schmear

Something in its entirety, including every related or expected element or detail. I want a traditional wedding, with the cake, the dress—the whole schmear. Our customers can expect the whole schmear from our travel packages—first-class flights, four-star accommodation, and the best restaurants in the entire city.
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the whole schmear

everything possible or available; every aspect of something. North American informal
Schmear (also spelled schmeer , shmear , or shmeer ) means ‘bribery’ or ‘flattery’, and comes from the Yiddish verb schmirn meaning ‘grease’ or ‘flatter’.
1970 Lawrence Sanders The Anderson Tapes I want a complete list…Any thing and everything…The whole shmear.
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the whole schmear

n. the entire amount; the entire affair. (Based on Yiddish.) I’ll take a hamburger with everything on it—the whole schmear.
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whole schmear

The entirety of something; everything.
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Cheeses are being soaked, rubbed, schmeared and washed, making their rinds just as interesting and appealing as what's inside.
Start your "musical fantasy" with a 50-year-old actor hopping around in a raven suit spouting one-liners--simultaneously delivering "bagels with a schmear" in takeout bags from H&H--and your often-impressive work will face an uphill battle.
Phonetically it resembles the Yiddish Schmear war and has the same meaning ("grease," "Schmaltz") in Swiss dialect.
Clever entrepreneurs traded in urban nostalgia, peddling bagels with a schmear, take-out Chinese food spiced down to suit elderly stomachs.
Anyway, the wall police say you can get the whole schmear, federal and state posters, to adorn your coffee room or loo for a mere $49.50 (1st set, 2nd set is only $39.50).
Declining religious observance and intermarriage left the majority of Jews with only a few vestiges of their Jewish identity--what Freedman calls "Seinfeld and a schmear." At the same time, a resurgent Orthodox movement was drawing strength and becoming increasingly strident about what makes a true Jew.
of Golden, Colo., to create a combination of a bagel with a schmear, coffee and a newspaper for $1.99.
Note that I didn't call it a schmear (when you put on a serious amount of cream cheese).
In New York, one-dollar bills are "singles." And if you want to be among the cognoscenti, drop into a deli and ask for "a bagel with a schmear." A bagel, to some tastes, is a doughnut made of hard rubber.
Continue reading "Climate Change, Sure, but What About My Schmear?" at...
Speaking of bagels, we can go beyond a "bagel and schmear" (bagel with cream cheese).
Or simply a nice schmear of truffle-infused Brillat-Savarin on a nice warm slice of crusty, toasty bread ...
Then it is most often served on a bagel with a schmear of cream cheese.
Midtown denizens looking for a tasty bagel, some Nova Scotia salmon and a schmear can now find Zucker's Bagels & Smoked Fish, the popular Chambers Street eatery, at 370 Lexington Avenue.
'English' words like SCHLOCK and SCHMEAR were likewise stolen from Yiddish.