scheme against

scheme against (someone or something)

To form or contrive a secret or devious plan or conspiracy in order to oppose, overthrow, or undermine someone or something; to plot against someone or something. A group of lower-level executives have been scheming against the CEO in a bid to wrest control of the company away from him. It turns out that they had been scheming against the alliance since the day it was formed.
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scheme against someone or something

to plot or conspire against someone or something. A group of generals was plotting against the government. They schemed against the king until he caught them and put an end to it.
See also: scheme
References in classic literature ?
A very little reflection has since convinced me that she has a deep-laid scheme against Michael Vanstone in view.
and recognizing this, Craig perpetrated a scheme against Dave's estate to seize Dave's Bitcoins and his rights to certain intellectual property associated with the bitcoin technology.
She also said that another commentator wondered why anybody would make a video and save it for almost one year in anticipation of such a day, if it was not a deliberate scheme against the Apostle.
Tenders are invited for Field water supply scheme against job no 9382
OFFICIALS pushed ahead with the RHI scheme against expert advice as then minister Arlene Foster wanted it launched without delay, an inquiry heard.
He added: "Those on the right of our party should not now seek to use Scotland as the last redoubt for their brand of Labour, retreating over Hadrian's Wall to plot and scheme against Jeremy Corbyn.
Our battle against terrorism is continuous and the terrorist scheme against Syria is collapsing and retreating thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian people who rallied around their army and leadership as well as the support provided by the friendly countries, particularly Russia, Iran and the Lebanese Resistance," said al-Freij.
KUWAIT, June 24 (KUNA) -- National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim on Saturday sent a cable to Saudi Shura Council Chairman Abdullah Al-Sheikh, expressing Kuwait's strong condemnation of the terrorist scheme against the Grand Mosque of Makkah.
We focused on our defense, we have a defensive scheme against their players, the important players like James (Yap) and their import (Duke Crews),' said Star head coach Chito Victolero, whose defensive strategy did limit James Yap to only five points.
Desperate for money, he devises a handsomely profitable revenge scheme against the people who he feels have wronged him the most.
He further said that the Dam was built on the land of Mohmand Agency and the locals were to be appointed under royalty scheme against the open merit policy.
Assuring all needed support to the concerned officials, he hoped that second phase of the renovation scheme against Rs.
Elsewhere, Emma continues to scheme against the Dingles as she feigns surprise that Noah has gone missing, before visiting Charity behind bars in a bid to get Ross' name on Moses' birth certificate.
LANDOWNERS in Cheshire are joining forces to launch their own vaccination scheme against bovine TB.
He noted that the courage and valor of police recruits contributed to thwart the dangerous scheme against important security barracks.