scheme against

scheme against someone or something

to plot or conspire against someone or something. A group of generals was plotting against the government. They schemed against the king until he caught them and put an end to it.
See also: scheme
References in classic literature ?
A very little reflection has since convinced me that she has a deep-laid scheme against Michael Vanstone in view.
Because of a devious and brilliant scheme against the United States, for the first time in history, the President must activate "Seal Team America.
Expressing regret overthe role Jordan is playing in the partition scheme against Syria, the clan leaders urged the King of Jordan to oppose any harm that might be done to the Syrian people and land, especially that Syria has always sided with the Arab peoples during tough times.
LANDOWNERS in Cheshire are joining forces to launch their own vaccination scheme against bovine TB.
Tenders are invited for Purchase Of Various Types Of Ct S & Pt S As Per Specifications, Under Buy Back Scheme Against Tender No.
The GFSI board is pleased to recognise another food safety scheme against the newly published requirements for storage and distribution activities.
He noted that the courage and valor of police recruits contributed to thwart the dangerous scheme against important security barracks.
Training courses will be assessed under the CCT scheme against the relevant areas of the IISP Skills Framework.
As has been pointed out by the National Audit Office, this has contributed to the overall pressure on local authorities' finance and we have had to design our own local support scheme against a backdrop of other funding cuts from central government.
Margaret and Queen Elizabeth scheme against each other.
Earlier, the Supreme Court agreed to Chellam's scheme against the vehement opposition by the state government of Gujarat.
The MP denounced assassination scheme against Mufti of Tripoli and the North, Sheikh Malek Shr, demanding judiciary to take action.
aeCERT will provide us with a comprehensive protection scheme against the risks associated with the electronic network, while maintaining the safety of the information infrastructure and data confidentiality" he added.
2 billion more during current financial year 2012-13 under Employees' Old-Age Benefits(EOBI) Scheme against Rs 11.
Regarding the murder threat count, Ganchev says that he has known Nedyalko Chandarov, the alleged intermediary in the scheme against NRA head Krasimir Stefanov, for 25 years.