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ahead of schedule

Earlier than a given deadline. Since the contractor and his crew completed the renovations ahead of schedule, we were able to move into the house before winter arrived. Repaying your loan ahead of schedule will save you money in the long term by reducing the amount of interest you'll have to pay.
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behind schedule

Not having progressed as much as is necessary to meet a particular deadline. I'm so far behind schedule that I'll never get this report done by Friday. Thanks to the flu, I'm now behind schedule in my party preparations.
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on schedule

Proceeding within the expected or planned schedule or timetable; neither late nor early. We're still on schedule to arrive at 09:30. What's status of the project? Are you all still on schedule?
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slated to (do something)

Scheduled or organized to do or participate in something. A: "How about dinner on Saturday?" B: "Our band is slated to be in Portland for a gig that night. Maybe the week after?" The famous magician has been slated to appear in events around the country for the next six months.
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*ahead of schedule

Fig. having done something before the time given on a schedule or before the expected time. (*Typically: be ~; finish ~.) I want to be able to finish the job ahead of schedule.
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*behind schedule

having failed to do something by the appointed time, especially the time given on a written plan. (*Typically: be ~; fall ~; get ~.) We have to hurry and finish soon or we will fall behind schedule. The project is behind schedule by six months.
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on schedule

at the expected or desired time. The plane came in right on schedule. Things have to happen on schedule in a theatrical performance.
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slated to do something scheduled to do something

. (*Typically: be ~; have someone ~.) Mary is slated to go to Washington in the fall. We are slated to leave in November.
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on schedule

At the announced or expected time, as in Her first baby arrived right on schedule. Originally alluding to published railroad timetables, this expression dates from the late 1800s.
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17231 Narsapur - Nagarsol Express scheduled to depart Narsapur on 14th October 2018 is diverted to run via Vikarabad, Parli Parbhani and stations.
The result allows 18 days variance firm the scheduled date.
First is The Savvy Sistahs, a mainstream women's fiction novel tentatively scheduled for a fall 2003 release.
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A high level of cooperation is essential at every step in the process, from identifying the electronic records that must be scheduled, developing the retention policies, and finally to implementing the policies by purging the records or preserving them, as provided by the retention schedules.
With the old scheduling process, one common complaint was that those who scheduled first had an advantage over those who scheduled later.
The day before the preliminary audit is scheduled to start, I designate a room where the auditors can work.
Schedule-formula weighing, sequenced to mixer schedule, displays what formula is to be weighed, how many batches needed and the scheduled production start-date (or "weigh in" date).
The work is scheduled to be completed in time for the Nordic World Ski Championships in 1995.
* If, when the EXIT command is issued and permission to replace has been obtained, commands exist in the copy that have scheduled execution times which are elapsed, a warning will be issued to the user.
At this point, LB&I has no estimate of potential additional filings that may be made for TY 2014, when the asset threshold amount is scheduled to drop to $10 million or more.
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