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scavenge (around) for (something)

1. Literally, to search for something by rooting around in rubbish or refuse. There is a large population of impoverished people who spend their days scavenging around for food and useful items in the town dump. I came across a family of raccoons scavenging for food in the dumpster behind our office.
2. By extension, to search all over some are or throughout some cluttered space for a particular thing, especially in a desperate, last-minute manner. I hate having to scavenge for a pen every other day. It's high time I clean up and organize this office! We've been scavenging around for a motor that will work with the prototype, but none of these are compatible.
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scavenge (around) for someone or something

to search everywhere for someone or something. We had to scavenge for a person who would agree to run for president in my place. Sam scavenged around for a socket wrench.
See also: scavenge