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be scattered to the four winds

To be dispersed across a wide area. Our family has been scattered to the four winds now that all of our kids are in college in different states.
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mod. drug intoxicated; confused by drug use. (see also scat.) Those poor kids are so scattered, they can’t even get themselves to class.

scattered from here to breakfast

In disarray. It's been suggested that something that is total disorder would take the rest of the day and all through the night—that is, until breakfast—to correct. Also heard as “from Hell to breakfast.”
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B], and in the process is scattered by a wave vector q emerging with energy E' and ejecting an electron of energy [epsilon] from the atom.
When Eichmann and his colleagues observed the laser light scattered by the trapped ions, they saw variations in light intensity characteristic of an interference pattern.
Cloudy skies with scattered rain are expected over the Cagayan Valley due to the northeast monsoon, while partly cloudy to cloudy skies with isolated rain are seen over the Ilocos and Cordillera regions.
At GilgitBaltistan rain with snow over hills is expected at scattered places.
It was where she grew up - we always used to come down to this beach - so she wanted her ashes scattered there," she continued.
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Ashes to the Winds of Sedona, furnishes a commemorative certificate documenting the time and date when the loved one's ashes were scattered and GPS co-ordinances so future memorials may be held in the exact same location.
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Since scattered intensities are simply summed in this context, the RTE effectively neglects coherent effects.
For porous materials, SAXS is especially useful because x-rays are scattered as they pass through interfaces of domains within the sample.
434al] Next, consider the scattered flux which originates from the scattering of the incident flux by the material inside the cuvette.
Scattered in the pouch of a cross-eyed kangaroo at the Lincoln Park
Light arriving from the sun hits the molecules in the air and is scattered in all directions.
Dual attenuation technology (DAT) is said to be a unique technique that controls the level of light entering the sample, as well as controllling scattered light going to the detector, according to the manufacturer.