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scar (one) for life

To leave an indelible impression upon one's memory or psyche for the rest of one's life. Often used in passive constructions. Seeing her parents die in such a terrible manner scarred the poor girl for life. I hope such a traumatic event like that won't scar him for life!
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scar over

1. To leave a scar (in place of some wound) after healing. Thankfully the incision isn't very noticeable after it scarred over. That cut is going to scar over if you don't stop picking at that scab!
2. Of some painful event, to stop hurting in one's heart, especially in a way that does not confront or resolve the painful emotions. Just when I think the death of my daughter has finally started to scar over, that I'll finally stop grieving every second of every day, something reminds me of her and the pain comes rushing back as intense as ever. His broken heart eventually scarred over, but it left him cold and distrustful of ever giving his love so fully to anyone ever again.
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scar over

[for an injury] to form and leave a scar. The wound will scar over, but your arm will never be the same as it was before the accident.
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* Keloid scars, which are very elevated, red or dark scars that form when the body produces a lot of extra collagen in a scar.
Therapies commonly used to treat scars are intralesional steroids, intralesional 5-fluorouracil, oral antihistamines, cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors, lasers, hydrogel sheeting, and compression.
Scars form when adenosine continues to be produced at the wound site after the injury is healed, leading to larger, thicker scars than what may have otherwise been there.
(5) However, it has been our experience that scars treated with triamcinolone alone often recur.
Keloid scars Caused by an excess of scar tissue produced, where the scar grows beyond the boundaries of the original wound.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 9, 2019-: Scar Removal Treatment Market Advance Technologies, Rising Trends on Competitive Product Analysis based on Types and Application Revenue, Gross Margin and Share Overview to 2022
For established scars, many treatment modalities are available, with varying levels of evidence supporting their use.
The salutary effect on acne scars documented with a topical therapy in this study represents a real advance in clinical care.
Patients with moderate to severe atrophic icepick acne scars were included.
Scars are not only repugnant because of how they look, but they can also reduce movement, especially if they occur near joints (elbows and knee) or folds like the neck or armpit.
Facial scars resulting from acne are either hypertrophic or atrophic depending on whether they are elevated or depressed in relation to the skin surface.
"True scars are broken down into two categories: Depressed and raised." Depressed scars are 'pits' in the skin and also referred to as atrophic scars," adds Dr Zeichner.
At six-months post-surgery, two plastic surgeons assessed the scars independently, using the visual analogue scale and the Vancouver Scar Scale.