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scarlet red

A dark reddish dye that is used as a biological stain. You can see that the fat in that tissue sample has been stained scarlet red.
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scarlet woman

A woman who is ostracized because of promiscuous behavior. Once everyone learned of her affair, she moved away from the city, rather than staying and being labeled a scarlet woman.
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scarlet woman

A prostitute, an immoral woman, as in Malicious gossip had it that she was a scarlet woman, which was quite untrue. This expression first appeared in Revelation 17:5, describing Saint John's vision of a woman in scarlet clothes with an inscription on her forehead, "Mystery, Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth." Some interpreters believe she stood for Rome, drunk with the blood of saints, but by about 1700 the term was being used more generally for a woman with loose morals.
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scarlet woman

a notoriously promiscuous or immoral woman.
The term was originally applied as a derogatory reference to the Roman Catholic Church, regarded as being devoted to showy ritual. It comes from Revelation 17.
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Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, Chair of the Royal College of GPs, said: "Scarlet Fever is a bacterial infection that usually presents with a sore throat, fever, headaches, and a rosy rash that generally starts on a patient's chest.
Over the period from week 37 of 2016, in mid-September, to week 12 of 2017, the week ending on Sunday March 26, there were 9,066 cases of scarlet fever recorded across England and Wales.
Scarlet fever is very contagious and can be caught by breathing in bacteria from an infected person's coughs and sneezes, touching the skin of a person with a scarlet fever rash and sharing contaminated towels, baths, clothes or bed linen.
There's no suggestion of an increase in invasive GAS infection in patients diagnosed with scarlet fever.
For further information on scarlet fever visit the NHS Choices website.
She said most cases of scarlet fever are mild and will resolve within a week.
The Chipps had two biological children of their own before they adopted the 12-year-old girl who would become Scarlet's mother from a residential treatment facility.
The New Scarlet TV beats its predecessor's (previous Scarlet model) record of 44.7 mm deep to just 39.7 mm.
At the glittering event, themed "Scarlet On Air", Natassia Malthe, the starring character of the Scarlet TV series, descended in a hot-air balloon on Suada, the man-made island that lies between the European and the Asian sides of Istanbul.
In most cases, scarlet letters have a dazzling quality that you can't help but notice.
Scarlet was jointly released by the Washington Agricultural Research Center, the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station, and the USDA-ARS.
Scarlet Snow Belo gave lessons on how earthquakes work and shared safety do's and don'ts, in light of the back-to-back earthquakes in Luzon and the Visayas recently.
During a recent interview with for the launch of Gabbi Garcia's music video, cosmetic-doctor-to-the-stars Victoria 'Vicki' Belo-Kho was surprised to know that her toddler daughter, Scarlet Snow, has become an inspiration to many.
CASES of scarlet fever in Coventry were nearly TEN times higher last year than the previous year.