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Applicants had to impress the judges with their costume, make-up, scaring and attitude.
When a match is found, the program then commands playing of one of a range of scaring responses pre-determined as effective.
It's obvious that scaring kids straight isn't working.
The second film in the franchise from director James Wan (of the Saw and Insidious series) tries a different approach to scaring viewers by trying out novel concepts, such as a haunted armchair.
He immediately drew his 9mm pistol and shot the bear, scaring it away.
But there are times when kids need a break from screaming (and we need a break from scaring) and bedtime is definitely one of them.
Later Ziem heard through the grapevine that the patients were ABC confederates and that Stossel, who had requested an interview, planned to discuss MCS in the context of "junk science." She also read a transcript of Stossel's 1994 special, "Are We Scaring Ourselves to Death?," in which he took a hard look at over-hyped hazards such as dioxin, asbestos, and pesticide residues.