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Those working as bird scarers are classified as " labourers" on their airport entry permits.
In "Monsters University," we see how they met in college, where loud-mouthed dilettante Mike was already the campus monster chief, while shy, hard-working Sulley could only dream of joining the top scarers.
Other job opportunities available from Jobcentre Plus this summer include working as a rickshaw operative, juggling teacher, pall bearer or bird scarer.
It has been suggested to me the noise is a bird scarer but, if that is the case, why allow it to continue after dusk when the birds have settled?
While the frame's latest scarer, CBS Films' "The Woman in Black," failed to win the weekend (bragging rights went to Fox's teenage thriller "Chronicle," with $22 million), "Woman" still managed to impress, with a $20.
Bosses at Land Rover's Solihull plant have been urged to remove a scarer installed to keep a flock of gulls from damaging luxury 4x4s.
The operation was scaled down after it was reported that a local farmer had set off bird scarer rockets in a nearby rape field at the time the shots were heard.
Billy Crystal and John Goodman reprise their roles as the wise-cracking Mike Wazowski and lovable Sulley, with Dame Helen Mirren as the voice of Dean Hardscrabble, the legendary Scarer and Dean of the School of Scaring at Monsters University.
THERE were hoots of laughter when SNP staff mistook a plastic bird scarer for a real owl.
Now fed up with cleaning the corrosive droppings off the paintwork of stored vehicles, the company has installed a special bird scarer which replicates the sound of a gull in distress.
Warwick School sixth form pupil David Sou built what is called the deer scarer, a water feature, as of a design and technology project.
You need to put in a bird scarer, which can simply be plastic strips cut from old compost bags and fixed on a cane or old CDs strung on wires across the bed.
Welsh-set scarer about a mother and daughter entwined in Celtic myth while visiting the latter's father is undercut by weak dialogue and a long wait for the horror goods, signaling a longer ancillary life than theatrical.
Other job opportunities available from Jobcentre Plus this summer include working as a rickshaw operative, teaching juggling, or being a pallbearer or bird scarer.