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Mike's desire to be a scarer is akin to a chubby kid wanting to slam dunk like Kobe Bryant, and even though he might never be Kobe, he could certainly end up callA[degrees] ing the shots as his coach.
Those working as bird scarers are classified as " labourers" on their airport entry permits.
nCHICKEN sexers, bird scarers and Roman centurions are just a few of the more bizarre positions available to job hunters this summer.
The training takes place on an island retreat with challenges designed to separate the elite Scarers from the "wanna-bes.
But Maggie Throup, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Solihull, yesterday called on Land Rover to rethink its approach and install a scarer that could only be heard by the offending birds.
Officers were satisfied no guns had been fired and the shots were the sound of bird scarer.
Warwick School sixth form pupil David Sou built what is called the deer scarer, a water feature, as of a design and technology project.
You need to put in a bird scarer, which can simply be plastic strips cut from old compost bags and fixed on a cane or old CDs strung on wires across the bed.
We would warn people not to attempt to use the crow scarer if they come across it as it is a gas-powered machine, which could seriously damage their hearing as it creates a very loud explosion like a cannon firing," said a police spokesman.
This is expert bird scarer Mike Bennett getting into a flap during Newcastle Airport's busy season.
Other job opportunities available from Jobcentre Plus this summer include working as a rickshaw operative, teaching juggling, or being a pallbearer or bird scarer.
99,can turn anyone into a hauntingly good scarer, while a Hallowe'en Broom -just pounds 2.
Enormous effort was put into characters like Sulley, voiced by John Goodman, a bear-like creature with blue fur who is the top scarer at Monstropolis.
There is an electronic cat scarer called Catwatch for around pounds 45 or, if you double the money, then the Scarecrow will electronically detect the presence of animals and throw the water for you.
Chief scarer is Sully, a huge, cuddly, blue-furred monster, whose best friend and assistant is Mike Wazowski, a wise-cracking little green one-eyed creature.