scare the pants off (of) (one)

(redirected from scared the pants off us)

scare the pants off (of) (one)

To terrify one. The sound of the fire alarm scared the pants off of me at three in the morning..
See also: off, pant, scare

scare the pants off (of) someone

to frighten someone very badly. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Wow! You nearly scared the pants off me! The explosion scared the pants off of everyone.
See also: off, pant, scare

scare, bore, etc. the ˈpants off somebody

(informal) scare, bore, etc. somebody very much: He would creep up behind people and scare the pants off them.He was clearly boring the pants off his audience.
See also: off, pant, somebody
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Which makes it a bit embarrassing to admit that the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG scared the pants off us.
APART from a silent spell in the first half when Georgia might just have scared the pants off us - had we been wearing any - the Tartan Army excelled themselves at Hampden on Saturday.
And their wild antics have scared the pants off US audiences more used to the only mildly scary Spice Girls.
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