scare the pants off (of) (one)

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scare the pants off (of) (one)

To terrify one. The sound of the fire alarm scared the pants off of me at three in the morning.
See also: off, pant, scare

scare the pants off (of) someone

to frighten someone very badly. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Wow! You nearly scared the pants off me! The explosion scared the pants off of everyone.
See also: off, pant, scare

scare (or bore etc.) the pants off someone

make someone extremely scared, bored, etc. informal
See also: off, pant, scare, someone

scare, bore, etc. the ˈpants off somebody

(informal) scare, bore, etc. somebody very much: He would creep up behind people and scare the pants off them.He was clearly boring the pants off his audience.
See also: off, pant, somebody

scare the pants off someone

tv. to frighten someone suddenly. The piano lid fell and scared the pants off my parents.
See also: off, pant, scare, someone
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The ultimate psychological thriller, Psycho scared the pants off audiences back in 1960 and the shower scene with Janet Leigh became part of cinematic legend.
He scared the pants off Jennifer Love Hewitt and her mates.
There hasn't been a woman with your natural air of authority since Margaret Thatcher scared the pants off everybody
The Argentinian striker's massive pounds 2m-a-year net wage demands scared the pants off United's PLC board, but the clinical way Batistuta grabbed the crucial only goal against Japan shows that would have been money well spent.
A feartie she might be, but Katy - who also starred in Your Cheatin' Heart, Takin' Over The Asylum and A Mug's Game - was attracted to the role of Rose because it scared the pants off her.
O'Neill insisted: "Leicester scared the pants off Atletico.
And their wild antics have scared the pants off US audiences more used to the only mildly scary Spice Girls.
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