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Maria Speirs, pictured with son Matthew, 11, opined:"I'm not really scared of anything.
I applaud those giving a different opinion and voice against the blind majority, because I'm a minority here, in Mindanao, scared to say what I really feel.
I was scared of the dark, my favourite costume was Superman, I wished I could fly and my hero was Muhammad Ali.
And it's a lot of fun for the audience to see the different types of improv," says Scared Scriptless troupe member Mary Jo Mrochinski.
I'm scared of the awful guilt I'd feel if people are harmed because of NOT taking action ...
But James said: "We are not scared because they did not show the event has moved on - and we did not row that well in Munich.
A badly scared buck is one that really busts out of there.
Scared to Death: from BSE to global warming: how scares are costing us the Earth
For Halloween or story-time for any other time of the year, "Scared Silly: 25 Tales to Tickle and Thrill" by author and award-winning storyteller Dianne de Las Casas is an instructive guide and manual of the methods and techniques for telling a scary story in ways that will involve the audience to attend attentively and participate appropriately.
When I went to sleep that Halloween I was scared." Dina Hassan, five: "I went on a ghost train and the man that owned it touched me and said 'who is scared of my ghost train' and I was scared."
Thirty four percent (34%) said they are afraid of animals, insects, 32 percent fear ghosts, 18 percent claimed to be scared of darkness, whereas 12 percent suffer from height phobia.
After gauging the reactions from scared tourists, two actors won the blood-curdling roles.
"Sometimes I'm Scared" is a good tool to help children ages 4-8 find constructive ways to deal with their fears.
Hinemoa is a tough young girl, not scared of anything.
Scared there won't be enough money to pay for fuel for warmth or to run vehicles.