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And it's a lot of fun for the audience to see the different types of improv," says Scared Scriptless troupe member Mary Jo Mrochinski.
Frank Spotnitz, executive producer of ``Night Stalker'' (and, before that, ``The X-Files''), says, ``People love to be scared because it's a cathartic experience, because you get to experience all those emotions, all those fears you have .
We had some really scared kids and some really scared parents,'' she said.
When you're in the scene and right in the moment of being freaked out and scared to death with this metal chain saw coming over your head through a car roof, you just take that lunch box and slam it as hard as you can,'' says Biel, who tore the skin off her knuckles in the process.
Two cats were found scared but unhurt inside the garage but a hamster in the house died of smoke inhalation, officials said.
Before he left, he said, 'Mom, we're playing the game, and I'm scared.
I am scared to death for my boys,'' Tina Miller said.
They say they aren't scared of the Lakers, contrary to what Rick Fox suggested Saturday.
A large bear scared a family travelling in their car in the Yundola area above the town of Velingrad in the Rhodopes, reports Darik radio.
He said what changed for him was that he didn't want to go through life being scared of it, being scared of love, being scared of rejection, being scared of failure, adding that ever since the band came out, they have been a very polarising group as they do a certain thing very well.
Researchers found a quarter of children said they were scared by spiders and bugs, with a similar amount admitting to a fear of the dark.
Grobler also dismissed claims the GB boat is running scared of their Australian rivals.
Being scared is also an adrenaline rush that some people report as a positive experience.
Just in time for some Halloween scaring, Tesco Entertainment Online launches exclusive sale of Scared Shrekless, a frightfully funny 30-minute DVD feature based on the Shrek movie series.