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Scared Scriptless is known to perform some of the edgiest improv in Alaska and is one of the state's most experienced comedy improv troupes.
If not because I'm scared they're complete idiots .
Casually scared bucks certainly become harder to kill in that area.
A few of them are scared of giving the ball away at the minute and are scared of making mistakes, but that will change with a win.
A very long film--much longer, experientially speaking, than the 105 minutes it actually runs--Scared/Sacred is not, as the quaintly elided title might lead you to imagine, about being scared sacred--that is to say frightened into the reverential.
He's scared of riding bikes, he's scared of climbing trees, and he's scared of swinging on ropes.
Finally, the little bear suggests what to do when you get those scared feelings.
BRITAIN is being scared to death by "hysterical and irrational" health warnings, a new pamphlet claims today.
The Scared Straight program--founded in 1976 at New Jersey's Rahway State Prison--remains one of the most popular "intervention" methods for dealing with troubled teens.
As Senior Editor Jan Schut's cover story this month makes clear, more than just injection molders are scared now.
They chase her every time she rides by on her bike, she said; they scared her.
I was scared and curious at the same time," Amy recalls.
and discover the 20-years-later edition of a show called Scared Straight
We're not scared, but we're running scared," says organizer Sandy Hollway.