scare away

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scare (someone or something) away

1. Literally, to frighten someone or something and cause them to flee. Thankfully, John was able to scare the puma away by shouting and swinging a big stick at it. We've tried to scare the kids away from the old quarry by telling them ghost stories about it.
2. To cause someone or something to depart due to apprehension, displeasure, or uncertainty. The company's CEO has scared investors away with his unpredictable, inflammatory statements. I think his intense desire for a committed relationship may have scared Janet away.
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scare someone or something away (from someone or something)

to frighten someone or something away from someone or something. He put on a gruff exterior to scare everyone away from him. The bear scared away a lot of people from the campground.
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scare away

or scare off
To cause someone or something to leave or to stay away due to fear: The kidnappings have scared tourists away. The farmer put up a scarecrow to scare away the birds.
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Mr Wolf deliciously bristles and grizzles, as he scares away the witch, bristles and grizzles and claws and gnaws as he scares that troll away and finally bristles and grizzles and claws and gnaws and howls and growls as, increasingly frightened himself, Mr Wolf manages to scare away the enormous hungry giant.
"They react to distress sounds and will run over to see what it happening, and that's usually enough to scare away the predator."
lest we scare away the summer insects: only press our noses closer, let
Even after a number of residents of the village gathered to scare away the settlers, they would still continue to throw rocks at the Palestinians.
The Orlando Sentinel reported on November 1 that an Ocoee, Florida, woman fired warning shots to scare away a man who was leering in her window.
WITNESSES will testify in the trial of a man who allegedly howled like a wolf to try and scare away police from his village.
P []`OPD OP B\` dO@FBD hB }[QfR`bOPD @RafaelNadalFCsaid: "Nice to see again @RUFUSTHEHAWK, used at the #Wimbledon Tennis Championships to scare away pigeons."
Councillors have discussed the possibility of drafting in two or more Harris hawks to scare away the pigeons, which they say are being encouraged by scraps of food left by the public.
Lives have already been lost in Cuba because of the regime's policy of keeping these issues in the dark, so as to not scare away tourists and their hard currencies."
I was put here to scare away the birds but they come no matter how hard I try I've stood and acted all tough and macho but Crows still poke me in the eye.
The rain bucket in the federal capital, as per routine, scare away motorists and bikers as the water flooded on main roads especially at Sultan Bahu road, Jasmine road and Nazimuddin road.
the bird of prey - which helps scare away local pigeons - will be there until next sunday's final.
Melbourne, Dec 16 (ANI): A Danish politician has come up with a unique way to scare away immigrants.
The animal is known for his ferocious attitude to scare away the monkeys and is being used as an effective tool for the games.