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Each year the Frightwater event just keeps getting more and more popular and we need to enlist extra staff to ensure everyone gets more than their fair share of scares.
SCARE FACTOR: We don't know who is going to be more terrified: you or Dad.
The most hilarious part of the video is when Andy admitted that he just peed after a woman in a scary costume jumped out to scare him and Jacqueline at a dark hallway.
I've never encountered this kind of scare tactic in a pharmacy before.
SCARE Fest 2 is at The Civic Hall, Crosby, tonight, 6pm to 9pm.
The Steiner Group, an economic consulting firm, commented: "The departures from both the year-ago and normal seasonal patterns is just too sharp and too coincidental, we think, to not be driven by the same H1N1 scare that has hurt pork prices".
Scared to death; from BSE to global warming--how scares are costing us the earth.
A free newsletter offers the latest scare information.
Unfairly labeled a Communist as many politically conscious and active entertainers were during the Red Scare, Lee's career was done irreparable damage by the House Un-American Activities Committee's (HUAC) blacklist and terror tactics of the anti-communist movement and McCarthyism.
Why such a destructive ruckus was created back then is examined in vivid detail in the new documentary The Great Pink Scare.
Q: Are you afraid that you will scare away contractors from other industries that are interested in doing business with the Navajo people?
AID worker Maggie Birch was caught in a terror bomb scare at Mile End tube station yesterday when it was evacuated.
And earlier on the day of the shooting, Bachelor Gulch public safety patrollers had tried throughout the day to scare the bear away by repeatedly hitting it with blasts of pepper spray, but the bear would not leave the area.
These personal alarms are legitimately made for people who purchase them to scare away would-be attackers.