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scar (one) for life

To leave an indelible impression upon one's memory or psyche for the rest of one's life. Often used in passive constructions. Seeing her parents die in such a terrible manner scarred the poor girl for life. I hope such a traumatic event like that won't scar him for life!
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scar over

1. To leave a scar (in place of some wound) after healing. Thankfully the incision isn't very noticeable after it scarred over. That cut is going to scar over if you don't stop picking at that scab!
2. Of some painful event, to stop hurting in one's heart, especially in a way that does not confront or resolve the painful emotions. Just when I think the death of my daughter has finally started to scar over, that I'll finally stop grieving every second of every day, something reminds me of her and the pain comes rushing back as intense as ever. His broken heart eventually scarred over, but it left him cold and distrustful of ever giving his love so fully to anyone ever again.
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scar over

[for an injury] to form and leave a scar. The wound will scar over, but your arm will never be the same as it was before the accident.
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Eventually some of the collagen breaks down, the blood supply reduces and, over a period of up to two years, the scar gradually becomes smoother, softer and paler and may fade to just a silver mark.
She imagined that the baby was ugly, made of scar tissue and teeth.
Certainly, more severe acne is associated with a higher risk, but even mild acne can scar. So the first thing we do is closely examine the skin of all acne patients for any evidence of scarring.
take months to years to scar, which offers a window for prevention or early treatment."
However, this most-fielded version of the SCAR program is the one variant that had no similar peer on the replacement list.
The primary efficacy endpoint was the atrophic acne scar count per half face at week 24.
Keywords: Outcome, CROSS technique with 100% Trichloroacetic acid, atrophic icepick acne scars.
Scar formation is dependent on specific individual predispositions, severity and type of injury, interventions during the healing process and complications during the healing process.
Included patients underwent a detailed history and full clinical examination to determine the presence of active acne lesions, the affected sites, Fitzpatrick skin type, and type of acne scar as proposed by Jacob et al.
The researchers found that, based on the 14 patients who completed the study, the visual analogue scale score and scar width measurements showed a significant improvement in appearance and narrower scars for the halves of the scars treated with botulinum toxin type A (P = 0.046 and 0.001, respectively).
scar treatment market is growing, owing to the increasing prevalence of skin problems leading to scar formation, increasing appearance consciousness among consumers and increasing expenditure on personal care.
Scar endometriosis is an uncommon but well-described condition.