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make (one) the scapegoat (for something)

To wrongly attribute all of the blame for some negative situation or outcome to one particular person, whether or not they deserve some (or any) of the blame at all. Once it was discovered that I played a part in developing the company's scheme that robbed millions of people of their pensions, the mainstream media made me the scapegoat for the whole thing. Instead of trying to make someone the scapegoat for this problem, why don't you spend that energy trying to come up with a solution?
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make someone the scapegoat for something

to make someone take the blame for something. They made Tom the scapegoat for the whole affair. It wasn't all his fault. Don't try to make me the scapegoat. I'll tell who really did it.
See also: make, scapegoat
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Speaking to media in Islamabad, Aitzaz Ahsan said that Tariq Fatimi and Rao Tehseen were made scapegoats in the Dawnleaks saga, claiming that Mariyum Nawaz was involved in it.
The narrative will "establish a false causal link between its chosen scapegoat and the real or imaginary cause of its trouble," stress a non-existent difference between this individual and other members of the community, and present the sacrifice of the individual as a means of ending that trouble ("Generative" 103).
For the judicial corruption investigations that incriminated Erdoy-an and his associates, the scapegoat was Islamic scholar Fethullah GE-len, who has been a vocal opponent of corruption in the government for decades.
An official has said that Georgia's Central Bank has become a scapegoat for economic problems.
argues that while Jesus is not a scapegoat, he is the lamb of God as understood in the context of the Bible's take on sacrifice: not something to appease God, but a sign of God's graces and our gratitude for them (173, 215).
Nobody puts me under more pressure than myself but people want scapegoats, don't they?
The channel's director of drama commissioning Laura Mackie, said: "We're delighted to be bringing The Scapegoat to ITV1.
Often, the only thing required to enshrine a new scapegoat is a compulsive need for someone to despise.
So as far as I was concerned, I was used as a scapegoat," she added.
Ayyoub added that the public has often ended up as a scapegoat of political disputes which have sprang up among the various leaders over the past few years.
IT'S the Scapegoat, but not as William Holman Hunt envisioned his 1856 painting.
Being targeted as a scapegoat can be devastating, whether or not the allegations are true.
Made by Scapegoat (a dba for Goat Function LLC), Boulder, (303) 442-4628, www.
The scapegoat helps unite all ranks of society, and, as Ciuba indicates, institutionalized slavery "minimized the differences based on wealth, gender, or social status that might lead to discontent and disturbances" (29).