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scamper along

[for a child or small animal] to run along nimbly. The rabbit scampered along, unaware that a fox was following it. It is time for Timmy to scamper along home.
See also: scamper

scamper away

[for a child or small animal] to run away nimbly. The rabbit scampered away across the lawn. The children scampered away when they heard the teacher coming.
See also: away, scamper
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Scampers youngsters are pictured with some of their creations.
As the Year of the Monkey scampers to a close, Panda Express welcomes the Year of the Rooster with a tasty Chinese New Year menu promotion of succulent Firecracker Chicken.
A bongo-drum accompanied rendition of ``There Is Nothin' Like a Dame'' from ``South Pacific'' announces the arrival of Richard Feynman who scampers in, bongo in hand, like he has 75 tasks to accomplish but can only remember about 50 of them.
After the young leave their mother's pouch, they can be seen clinging to her back as she scampers about.
Carving its material into short, Brechtian actos (as El Teatro Campesino did), ``Bordertown'' scampers over more ground in 1-1/2 hours than an INS agent in a customized Range Rover.
Thompson scored on scampers of 8 and 5 yards in the second quarter and had two 13-yard touchdowns in the fourth.