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scamper along

[for a child or small animal] to run along nimbly. The rabbit scampered along, unaware that a fox was following it. It is time for Timmy to scamper along home.
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scamper away

[for a child or small animal] to run away nimbly. The rabbit scampered away across the lawn. The children scampered away when they heard the teacher coming.
See also: away, scamper
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We saw cottontail rabbits scampering across the grounds at all hours.
The images of plaid-clad workers scampering across the Arizona desert made for the best TV, but the serious nativists' veins really throbbed at the talk of "anchor babies," immigrants' American-born kids who get counted as U.
His curls flying, Bradon McDonald's scampering Sorceress conjured a brilliant cross between a fiend and an imp.
Ready or not, here I come Scampering feet begin to run Hiding here, seeking there Having fun without a care.
If the imagery of Goya and, less impressively, Victorian fairy painters like John Anster Fitzgerald looms large in the relatively transparent Ideas of Solution, 2005, with its discernible trio of menacing sprites scampering around the head of a recumbent but open-eyed figure, it manifests a malevolence now stripped of moral underpinning.
By scampering all over the Badlands, the family created for us a perfectly random sample over time and location," says Terry.
As he rounded the corner of the family chicken coop, Daniel saw Bessie scampering toward him with a large, very angry grizzly bear in hot pursuit.
1199 of the magic words authorizing "all necessary means" found in other Security Council resolutions authorizing the use of force, such as 678 (Iraq) and 940 (Haiti), that sent international lawyers scampering for an international legal justification for the use of force in Kosovo.
Nor, as far as we can determine, did any of those young fellows seen scampering naked at Woodstock toss out their Hendrix albums and proceed directly to the nearest seminary.
Troops of monkeys will soon be seen scampering along ropes normally used to secure Britain's nuclear-powered hunter-killer submarines.
Our man Steve Bates has had the pack desperately scampering after him for a fortnight trying to catch up with his Manchester United exclusives.
Instead of running from predators and scampering after prey, we've designed tools and strategies for defense and hunting.
But he lived to tell the tail, sorry tale - after scampering to safety at Woodvale cemetery, Brighton.
WESTLAKE VILLAGE -- A black bear cub that has been spotted frequently the past few days scampering in the hills above the Agoura-Westlake Village area was captured Friday evening after hiding for hours in a storm drain.
Gecko toes Scientists pinned down the molecular basis of the geckos prowess at scampering up polished walls and hanging from ceilings (162: 133).