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scamper along

[for a child or small animal] to run along nimbly. The rabbit scampered along, unaware that a fox was following it. It is time for Timmy to scamper along home.
See also: scamper

scamper away

[for a child or small animal] to run away nimbly. The rabbit scampered away across the lawn. The children scampered away when they heard the teacher coming.
See also: away, scamper
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But accidents can and do happen when little kids, decked out in costumes that partially cover their eyes, scamper around on surfaces that may be wet, uneven or strewn with moist, slippery leaves.
Gordon D'Arcy made the first inroads before Gary Brown provided the link for Girvan Dempsey to scamper in by the posts.
The Dogz live on your desktop where they can scamper across applications, play games such as hide and seek, fetch, catch, or just nap in the corner of your screen while you're working.
It still shoves out a very handy 110bhp and can scamper to 60mph in 9.
Toronto (58-81) scored its lone run in the first, when Orlando Hudson hit a one-out smash off second baseman Adam Kennedy's glove and the ball slowed down enough for Hudson to scamper to second.
everything and scampers about in his joy at the touch of the frigid air
Scampers mother and toddler group held a coffee morning at Scapegoat Hill Baptist Church on Friday.
With each answer, a turtle scampers about, while pitched sound effects underscore his antics--a distraction from the note's sound.
She scampers around looking sexy in white lacy undies and garter - and later in a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding-style frock - in her video for new single Best Thing I Never Had.