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scam on (one)

1. To attempt to swindle, hustle, or cheat one. There is a whole organization of people who try to scam on people over the phone and through email. I'm not scamming on you—I'm offering to sell you something for a fair price.
2. slang To attempt to seduce or romance one; to hit on one. Dinah said she had seen my boyfriend scamming on some girl outside a club the other night, but I didn't want to believe it. All Dave wants to do is go get hammered and spend the entire night scamming on girls. It gets so boring after a while.
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What's the scam?

 and What's the deal?
Sl. What is going on around here? (Often implies that something seems to be wrong.) There's a big rumpus down the hall. What's the scam? I gave you a twenty, and you give me five back? What's the deal? Where's my other five?


1. n. a swindle; a hustle. I lost a fortune in that railroad scam.
2. tv. to swindle someone; to deceive someone. They were scammed by a sweet-talking southern lady who took all their money.
3. in. to seek out and pick up young women, said of males. (Collegiate.) Bob was out scamming last night and ran into Clare.
4. in. to copulate. All you ever want to do is scam.
5. in. to fool around and waste time. Quit scamming and get busy.

What’s the scam?

and What’s the deal?
interrog. What is going on around here?; Explain what is happening or what you are doing. What’s the scam? What’s happening, dude? I gave you a twenty, and you give me five back? What’s the deal? Where’s my other five?
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The training came before more Royal Mail staff in Cardiff, Bromley and Fife received briefs on the tactics used by mail scammers to defraud customers as part of Citizens Advice's mail scams awareness week this week (July 20-24).
STF officials said they have received threats The Madhya Pradesh Congress has been protesting over the suspicious death of various Vyapam scam accused.
To sign a petition to end robotic scam phone calls: Go to endrobocalls.
Four main kinds of scams currently are ongoing, based on complaints received by the Florida Supreme Court to date.
Men are more likely to fall for investment and property scams.
Consumers lose pounds 420 million per year to pyramid sales scams and other 'get rich quick' schemes, plus pounds 260 million to fake foreign lotteries.
The largest percentage of complaints by scam victims in 2005 was for merchandise that was misrepresented or never delivered (42%).
Anyone who thinks they have spotted a scam can report it to the OFT by emailing scams@oft.
Phishing is the newest scam to hit the identity theft arena and is becoming what Microsoft Corp.
Fraud takes on many forms, but the menace of health care fraud is exemplified in the most egregious way by the so-called "Rent-a-Patient" scam that has received widespread media attention.
Similarly, an annuity scam process typically begins through relentless marketing efforts by an insurance agent.
EarthLink Inc has added the ability to block scam web sites, so-called "phishing" scams, to its browser toolbar plug-in, in partnership with eBay Inc and Brightmail Inc.
Although much less common than the scam described above, this fraud preys on small businesses with little experience in the import/export trade.
The average amount lost by those who had fallen victim to a scam was PS401.
It also invites Missouri veterans to submit their experience if they have been hit by a home loan refinancing scam, so that McCaskills office can offer assistance.