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What's the scam?

 and What's the deal?
Sl. What is going on around here? (Often implies that something seems to be wrong.) There's a big rumpus down the hall. What's the scam? I gave you a twenty, and you give me five back? What's the deal? Where's my other five?


1. n. a swindle; a hustle. I lost a fortune in that railroad scam.
2. tv. to swindle someone; to deceive someone. They were scammed by a sweet-talking southern lady who took all their money.
3. in. to seek out and pick up young women, said of males. (Collegiate.) Bob was out scamming last night and ran into Clare.
4. in. to copulate. All you ever want to do is scam.
5. in. to fool around and waste time. Quit scamming and get busy.

What’s the scam?

and What’s the deal?
interrog. What is going on around here?; Explain what is happening or what you are doing. What’s the scam? What’s happening, dude? I gave you a twenty, and you give me five back? What’s the deal? Where’s my other five?
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Analysis of more than 20,000 scams reported across the country between April 2014 and March 2015 also reveals that different types of scams used to approach people.
The training came before more Royal Mail staff in Cardiff, Bromley and Fife received briefs on the tactics used by mail scammers to defraud customers as part of Citizens Advice's mail scams awareness week this week (July 20-24).
STF officials said they have received threats The Madhya Pradesh Congress has been protesting over the suspicious death of various Vyapam scam accused.
To sign a petition to end robotic scam phone calls: Go to endrobocalls.
The high profile teacher's recruitment scam in Madhya Pradesh is being linked to Chief Minister Chouhan's wife, Sadhna Singh.
Prasad further stated that the Congress led UPA federal government has created a record by being involved in number of scams and the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh lacks the capability and power to put a halt to it, though Singh was fully aware of the scams.
Each year, one in 15 people across the UK becomes victim to a scam involving deceptive unsolicited mailings, phone calls or emails, all designed to con victims out of their cash.
net is a scam prevention blog that offers consumers and businesses free information on common scams and how to prevent yourself or your business from becoming a victim.
In the most recent outbreak of the Nigerian scam--an advance fee fraud that is estimated to gross hundreds of millions of dollars annually--the scam letter is sent as a LinkedIn, or other social networking sites--invite to join the user's network.
Nearly a third of victims said they fell for a scam because of the legitimate appearance of the marketing.
4 million in an elaborate scam in which he used Mother Teresa's personal physician to prey on homeless patients from Skid Row.
The commission said many scams start online or overseas and claimed this can make it very hard for scammers to be located and prosecuted and for consumers to recover any money lost to a scam.
The overpayment scam has been around for years but scammers have expanded the scope of items targeted, says Brett M.
Since nearly every consumer is at risk for one or more of these scams, SCAM PROOF YOUR LIFE is an essential reference for everyone.
Just 8% of respondents were unaware of any of the 15 types of scam put to them by the researchers.