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scam on (one)

1. To attempt to swindle, hustle, or cheat one. There is a whole organization of people who try to scam on people over the phone and through email. I'm not scamming on you—I'm offering to sell you something for a fair price.
2. slang To attempt to seduce or romance one; to hit on one. Dinah said she had seen my boyfriend scamming on some girl outside a club the other night, but I didn't want to believe it. All Dave wants to do is go get hammered and spend the entire night scamming on girls. It gets so boring after a while.
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What's the scam?

 and What's the deal?
Sl. What is going on around here? (Often implies that something seems to be wrong.) There's a big rumpus down the hall. What's the scam? I gave you a twenty, and you give me five back? What's the deal? Where's my other five?


1. n. a swindle; a hustle. I lost a fortune in that railroad scam.
2. tv. to swindle someone; to deceive someone. They were scammed by a sweet-talking southern lady who took all their money.
3. in. to seek out and pick up young women, said of males. (Collegiate.) Bob was out scamming last night and ran into Clare.
4. in. to copulate. All you ever want to do is scam.
5. in. to fool around and waste time. Quit scamming and get busy.

What’s the scam?

and What’s the deal?
interrog. What is going on around here?; Explain what is happening or what you are doing. What’s the scam? What’s happening, dude? I gave you a twenty, and you give me five back? What’s the deal? Where’s my other five?
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ENPNewswire-August 27, 2019--BNZ-Thousands of New Zealanders stay silent on scams
These operations were responsible for more than a billion illegal scam calls.
These scams are prominent on social media, with 'Facebook lottery' scams, the 'Loom' pyramid scheme, and cryptocurrency scams particularly common.
A fake Facebook page online travel scam happens when the scammer creates an official-looking page with the name of the travel provider.
Yet my hope is it'll squash the numbers of scam ads and the time those that do get through are live." "During the lawsuit negotiations I approached Citizens Advice and asked if it'd be willing to help in the fight against scam ads.
The Citizens Advice Scams Action team is expected to help at least 20,000 people in the first year, the charity said.
This means that we still have to investigate where did the remaining P90 billion go, who were the operators and who ultimately benefitted from the scam.)
We face an epidemic of scams and all of us, no matter how savvy, are potential victims.
The council says it will do more to raise awareness so that people can prevent themselves from becoming victims of scams, such as pyramid selling, online dating scams and identity theft.
"This scam has been widely reported and often targets elderly and vulnerable people.
Sources stated that NAB has received more than nine thousand application across the country against modaraba scam and nineteen central characters of this ugly scam were arrested.
The NAB had already filed a reference against Cheema and five others over their alleged role in Ashiana-i-Iqbal Housing scam.
Thirty foreigners, mostly African nationals, have been arrested for their suspected involvement in an 'African scam' syndicate in Selangor.
The warning came as Scam Awareness Month took place, including messages specifically targeted as those under 24.
Recent Citizens Advice research shows that 65 per cent of Scots say the most common type of scam is email scams, which disproportionately affect younger people.