scale to

scale something to something

to design or adjust the size of one thing to match or complement the size of another thing. The architect sought to scale the office building to the buildings surrounding it. The playhouse will have to be scaled to the main house.
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The Washington Courthouse Cox paving plant required a rugged truck scale to perform all of these important tasks.
What adopters should look to avoid is a product which will simply create multiple "islands" of virtualization because it cannot scale to a reasonable size.
The smallest bank tower offers the largest scale to the StJames's Street.
Fewer than half of the players in the variable-annuity market have the necessary manufacturing or distribution scale to produce reasonable returns in the long run.
A recent innovation in the visual output for image-guided surgery is the use of a color scale to represent the CT image (figure 1).
For families struggling with MS, the invention of a scale to measure the progress of MS problems may not seem an advance in the fight against this disease.
All of the electronic scales tested have a tare function, a small button that resets the scale to zero when ingredients are already on the scale.
Reagles and Crystal (1975) administered the Client Satisfaction Scale to 90 former clients who had received services from one district office of Wisconsin DVR and whose casefiels were closed as rehabilitated.
According to Maram's Altschuler, the most susceptible areas for the scale to form are those with high temperatures and low water velocity-important places like oil coolers, injection molds, or the condensers of chilling units.
In addition to the superior P2MP video distribution capabilities, the T-series has the ability to leverage Juniper Networks' multi-chassis TX Matrix technology, allowing service providers to scale to multi-terabit rates non-disruptively.
If a session controller can't scale to meet these demands, the only alternative is to "rack 'n stack" multiple session controllers to scale the network, a very costly and operationally inefficient solution to the problem.
The first scale to be released combines three important milestones parents can track in their children's growth: height, weight and shoe size.
The A&D Precision Health Scale is the ideal choice for those who are looking for a sophisticated and accurate scale to monitor their weight.
As applications scale to the thousand processor level, bugs become ever-more elusive, and sophisticated software engineers turn to TotalView," remarks Christopher Doehlert, president and CEO of Etnus.
These include a mixed mail feeder that handles mail of varying size and thickness; a roll tape dispenser for postage tape; a line printer that generates hard-copy reports for expenditure analysis; a power stacker that collects both envelopes and flats after processing; and nine different scale options, ranging from a five-pound scale to a seventy-pound mail accounting terminal and platform scale.