scale to

scale (something) to (something else)

1. To ensure that the size of something complements or is proportional to the size of something else. We'll need to scale these photos to the picture frames I picked out. The architect wants to scale the extension to the rest of the house, but I'd really like for it to be quite a bit bigger than he's suggesting.
2. To adjust or design something to have a particular proportional size. Because the picture is a square, it won't scale to a standard 4x6 print unless we crop part of it out. The artist scaled the entire model city to just 1/1000ths of the real New York City, while still maintaining an astounding level of detail and accuracy.
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scale something to something

to design or adjust the size of one thing to match or complement the size of another thing. The architect sought to scale the office building to the buildings surrounding it. The playhouse will have to be scaled to the main house.
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The Washington Courthouse Cox paving plant required a rugged truck scale to perform all of these important tasks.
This is useful for resetting the scale to zero after placing an empty bowl on it.
Incorporating 'Lift-and Clean', allows the scale to be effortlessly raised from floor level to facilitate inspection and cleaning
What adopters should look to avoid is a product which will simply create multiple "islands" of virtualization because it cannot scale to a reasonable size.
LTS Scale Corporation has added a legal-for-trade, NTEP Approved Pallet Truck Scale to their Precision Mobile Scale product line.
Scientists use a Richter scale to describe the amount of energy released during an earthquake.
The smallest bank tower offers the largest scale to the StJames's Street.
The difficulty for ferrous dealers is that buying from individuals and "peddlers" can entail using a larger scale to measure relatively small amounts of scrap.
But the scales ranged in price from a $5.99 Metro scale to a $49.99 Health-O-Meter digital lithium-powered scale.
An examination of the top two boxes for the six scales involving the college ratings indicated the following: the total number of subjects selecting these boxes ranged from a low of 10 for the IMPROVE scale to a high of 64 for the RECOMMEND scale.
Fewer than half of the players in the variable-annuity market have the necessary manufacturing or distribution scale to produce reasonable returns in the long run.
A recent innovation in the visual output for image-guided surgery is the use of a color scale to represent the CT image (figure 1).
If the fine-scale components interact with one another so that feed-back loops develop, then a simple aggregation can not be used to scale to a coarser resolution (Harding et al.).
For families struggling with MS, the invention of a scale to measure the progress of MS problems may not seem an advance in the fight against this disease.
Reagles and Crystal (1975) administered the Client Satisfaction Scale to 90 former clients who had received services from one district office of Wisconsin DVR and whose casefiels were closed as rehabilitated.