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a scalded dog dreads cold water

proverb obsolete Someone who has experienced some kind of negative situation or consequence will try to avoid repeating the experience in the future. A: "It's heartbreaking how Eloise still refuses to go anywhere near the stable since her accident." B: "Well, you know a scalded dog dreads cold water." Joseph refuses to invest any money after losing his retirement fund during the stock market crash—a scalded dog dreads cold water. I know that a scalded dog dreads cold water, but you'll never find love if you don't put yourself out there and risk getting your heart broken again.
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like a scalded cat

Extremely quickly, perhaps as if having been startled. He screamed and darted out the door like a scalded cat when I snuck up behind him and gave him a fright. This car's engine is so powerful that takes off like a scalded cat.
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like a scalded cat

If a person or animal moves like a scalded cat, they move very fast, as though they have been suddenly frightened. Sure enough, within minutes of the train pulling out, Brown was out of that seat like a scalded cat. The Derby winner of that year set off like a scalded cat, and was never caught.
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like a scalded cat

at a very fast speed.
1997 T3 If you're in a desperate hurry you can bury the accelerator…and take off like a scalded cat.
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In the present study, PYE showed better-wound healing effects than Vaseline and SSD in scald wounds.
In 11% of cases, parents and guardians were holding children who were subsequently scalded by hot foods and beverages.
The study found that more than half of the children who were injured had been scalded; around a third had sustained contact burns and 116 had sustained burns from other causes.
A total of 705 ED visits for nonfatal scald burns were identified during the study period.
Many backyard poultry processors add a little liquid dish detergent in the scald water.
The soil types were a Red Sodosol (Isbell 1996) or Orthic Solonetz (FAO 1998) at the Gunyah Eroded and Gunyah Scald profiles, a Red Sodosol (Isbell 1996) or Mollic Solonetz (FAO 1998) at the Gunyah Vegetated microsite, and a Red Kurosol (Isbell 1996) or Solodic Planosol (FAO 1998) at the Gunyah Pasture profile.
Other conditions that should be ruled out when abuse is suspected include staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome, impetigo, ant or spider bites, epidermolysis bullosa, chemical irritation or burn, and again, cultural practices such as coining and cupping.
The protagonist is a sixteen-year-old girl named Scald Ibis who is abruptly divorced from all that is familiar and nurturing.
Irregularly shaped tan or brown areas ("scald") may not seriously affect eating quality.
AS kitchen equipment, cooking and hot food and drink are responsible for more than half of the burn and scald cases, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is advising parents and caregivers to protect their young children from injury or permanent disability caused by burns and scalds by making some simple changes at home.
To treat a burn or scald, Dr Saifeldeen recommends to immediately cool the area, soaking the burn under cool, not cold, water as well as loosely cover the burn or wound.
In our study, average total body surface area burnt in case of scald burns was 20% and that of flame burns was 85%.
Researchers from America studied 140 children below 5 years of age who were admitted with scald burns to investigate the mechanism of significant scald burns and to discover insights into prevention, Health News reported.
When we scald chickens we stand on the right side of the scalding tank so we placed the heating element on the left side.